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  1. XR650L_AK

    Show your PIG

    I added a few pictures of the electricals and battery in the air box. Also one of just how much the mod opens up the rear fender area. Hope this helps. Mike http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ukayak_me2/album?.dir=/b7d5&.src=ph&.tok=pho1MTFBUqxjLqwc
  2. XR650L_AK

    Show your PIG

    The battery box mod was originally posted on 4-strokes.com by superflyryan. He had gone into really great detail on what he had done to eliminate the huge box. This mod places the battery and electricals into the existing air box. You then will need to run a clamp on style air filter. I believe Ryan was using a UNI foam pod style filter. I went with a K&N universal 5" with a K&N precharger. In the future I am going to try the 4" style K&N. This will allow a little easier access to the carb. You will need to also pick up some style of crankcase breather filter, I used a UNI model clamp on. I will post you some pics of what the battery installed into the air box ended up looking like. The only downfall is deep water crossings, but with the clearance the XR's have I don't need to be in that deep of water.
  3. XR650L_AK

    Show your PIG

    My 2006' XR650L with current mods. http://pg.photos.yahoo.com/ph/ukayak_me2/album?.dir=/b7d5&.src=ph&.tok=pho1MTFBUqxjLqwc 2006 XR650L Edelbrock Performance Series Carb. Moved battery & electricals to air box Removed battery box Maier Supermoto front fender white Maier MX style rear fender white Oregon enduro headlight with front blinkers black Mini stock rear blinkers white K&N pod style 5" air filter K&N precharger UNI crankcase breather Daytona digital tachometer mounted to bar clamps Clarke 4.7 gal tank white Clarke billet no logo gas cap Trimmed down huge side panels Pro Circuit type 496 exhaust Acerbis rear tail light Dirtskins seal savers front forks IMS smog block off kit PowerMadd tool caddy Black seat cover with flaming skulls (ordered)