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  1. PRDRZ

    Do the Dune

    Ditto! the Kx500 with a paddle would be good times indeed. Ian
  2. PRDRZ

    drz400e handle bars for giants? help!

    I'm 6'4" and run up+forward risers and a set of 7/8 jimmy button renthals. I stand most of the time and I'm very comfortable. The bike became twitchier though so for me a stabilizer was money well spent. Ian
  3. PRDRZ

    I got the fever - Berg 390

    I've got the fe390 bug to. It seems a good replacement for my E model drz.
  4. PRDRZ

    Wanted drz riders

    Man am I lucky I've got about 2500sq miles of great riding littered with trails right behind the house. Ian:ride:
  5. PRDRZ

    Flywheel ?'s

    I consider the cost of the lightened flywheel for my 05E money well spent. Spins up way quicker. Ian
  6. I think that torque spec was raised to 105ft-lbs. Maybe someone can confirm that.
  7. PRDRZ

    Did you ever KILL on your DRZ

    Killed a deer on a dt100 when I was a kid, almost did in an eagle, regularly just miss bear,deer,elk,racoons and assorted other criters but the one that sticks out in my mind is riding in a 24hr, middle of the night a little mouse runs out into the narrow trail and starts running ahead of me zig-zagging back and forth, I'm doing my best to get passed him and at the last second he runs under my back tire. I was so tired by that time in the race I think I even shed a tear for the little savage. Ian
  8. PRDRZ

    Custom front fender mod?

    I'm intruiged by the thing hose clamped down by the exhaust. Ian
  9. PRDRZ

    Mods for Racing: Pipe vs big bore?

    I felt the lightened flywheel on my piped 05E was money well spent. Ian
  10. PRDRZ

    billet drz cylinder

    Right on buddy good attitude good work:thumbsup:
  11. The E model CDI has a higher rev limiter. Ian
  12. I can't post a picture but I mounted mine on the side of the headlight shroud, much like the blue bike above. Its not a switch that I use often[on winter/off summer] so I want it to be out of the way and safe. Ian
  13. Around here that tire is done. Our trails are covered in slippery roots and that tire would put you down in minutes. I won't risk a crash for the price of a tire. Ian
  14. PRDRZ

    Baja Designs 8" Race Light Install

    Thats a nice set-up. I thought about going that route but the cops would have shut me down quick. I took a HID trailtech tecate light converted the upper light to HID aswell, made it the lowbeam and wired both for highbeam. The light throws a ton of light and is law friendly [sort of]. I also use a HID helmet light. I ride at night alot, my riding buddies have nick named it the midnight sun. I do love the look of those big 8inchers though. Ian
  15. PRDRZ

    What will your next bike be and why?

    I've been lost on this one for a while. I'm only going to have one bike and it does have to do it all. It has to be below 400cc[our ins. rate doubles 400-750] it has to be reliable as I get into some really remote areas, I'm big 6'4" and the 250's seem to small. I tried a 400exc but the riding position was way to cramped. I've been round and round on this and I end up at my super reliable, totally modded really fun 05E:thumbsup: Ian