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  1. i use 98 in mine. runs perfectly never had a problem:thumbsup:
  2. Check all the cables that go into the battery. i had the same problem a while ago and it was just because one of the wires were loose.
  3. What do you use the bike for? racing, trail-riding............?
  4. Any1 no where i could possibly find some offroad video podcasts? e.g. enduro? or gnccs? etc cheers
  5. What gear were you in when you did that?
  6. Do you use the clutch or is it just off throttle for the wheelie at the end?
  7. Yer i second that!!
  8. yer i have seen your one many times!!! Its very good! Have you made any new vids with both feet on pegs?
  9. Has anyone got any good videos of them pulling a mono on their 230???
  10. Pictures dont work??????
  11. ive had my 230 since march last year and was just looking around at other bikes that all
  12. Yes they are very good!!! Highly recommended!!!
  13. this is what makes the 125s so appealing
  14. OMG!!!!
  15. and this is exactly why i want to get a 2 stroke because then it isnt so expensive to maintain and i should be able to do most of the work.