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  1. Destry

    Bruce Penhall Announces His Baja 1000 Race Deal With Kawasaki

    Thanks guys! I'm looking forward to it but I know it's not going to be easy. We have a really good team and I feel good about our chances but there's still some other really good teams too. Sould be fun!!! Best Wishes, Destry www.destryabbott.com
  2. Destry

    Destry got robbed

    Thanks for helping guys! I sat down and figured out what was stolen (so far)! I can't explain to you guys how mad I am!!! If you can find out anything I'll give you a reward (not sure what). If you can find out who it is (I'm pretty sure it was more then one person), I'll give you an even bigger reward! 2009 Shoei Scimitar TC-5 helmet (only used a few times) Showa works suspension forks and shock (gold coated tubes) 2 X 21 inch Excel complete wheels (has new discs and Dunlop tires) blk rims 3 X 19 inch Excel complete wheels (has new disc sprockets, and Dunlop tires) blk rims 1 X 18 inch Excel complete wheel (has new disc sprocket, and Dunlop tire) blk rim 3 X 19 inch used wheels (stock Kawasaki wheels with Dunlop tires) blk rims Sidi Boots CTI2 knee braces A couple sets of Thor gear 4 pairs of Scott goggles Dunlop tires (not sure how many) Thor rain gear Thanks for your help! Destry www.destryabbott.com kxabbott@hotmail.com
  3. Destry

    Settle the score

    I'm in! Best Wishes, Destry www.destryabbott.com
  4. Destry

    My ISDE Fundraiser (Aug. 3)

    Destry’s ISDE Fundraiser August 3, 2008 Grindingstone MX (Arizona) I had my fundraiser this last Sunday and I have to say it went better then I ever thought it would! I wasn’t expecting a huge turnout, because there were several race events scheduled throughout Arizona. It was also really hot and humid so I figured a lot of people would stay home in the ACJ. Overall, I was really impressed with how many racers and spectators showed up to offer support. We had about 240 riders and almost as many spectators, so I definitely wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone who showed up, everyone who helped me set up, and everyone who donated items for the raffle and auction! I couldn’t have done it without you! I really had a lot of great sponsors, family, clubs, Grindingstone staff, and friends step up and help me put this event on. It was more work then I thought it would be, but at the same time, I had a blast and I know a lot of other people did too. The gates opened at 6 a.m., so we had to be out there pretty early to set up the raffle booth, awnings, ice chests, etc. We had all four tracks open (Endurocross, MX, Escargot, and kids track). The MX track had a scheduled practice and we had a lot of great reviews. I know some sections of the track had a few issues, but I also know we weren’t expecting half the amount of riders we had. During lunch they worked on the track again, and it was awesome! Most people I talked to were really excited about the track and liked the roughness of it for training and practice. I know they’re working on putting more sand on the track, building better jumps, and making it a little wider too. The Escargot track was also a big hit. A lot of people were skeptical, but once they tried it they were hooked. It’s almost addictive, because you keep trying to beat not only your time but the fastest time. The Escargot Champ for the weekend was Kawasaki’s own Gary Sutherlin! Although I did beat him, but I couldn’t take home my own trophy! J The Endurocross track was designed as an Expert/ Pro track. It’s very technical and a lot of fun. I use it when I’m preparing for an Endurocross event and it’s always challenging. A lot of people took advantage of the Endurocross track’s open practice to see what it was like. I think the majority of racers now have a newfound respect for the sport, but they also had a lot of fun trying to get over the tires and through the rock sections. Around 9:30 we hosted a Brunch with hamburgers and hot dogs, and held the Raffle and Auction. Stewart’s autographed jersey and “A Day with Destry” were the two high-bid items. We also had a ton of raffle items that were a big hit! I wanted to give a huge thanks to my sponsors that stepped up and sent product for the raffle and auction (Kawasaki, Monster, GPR Stabilizers, Jonre Multimedia, Thor, Dunlop, Pro Circuit, Zip-Ty, Motion Pro, Works Connection, Kicker, Hinson, Renthal, Bent, and IMS). I even had a lot of local companies that helped out (Grindingstone, AEO, Rock Stars, Fast’r MC, Athletik Edge, Parkway Chiropractic, NXe, Motoxriders, Accurate Machine, and Motocloth.com). This is a little video 500guy did . Best Wishes, Destry www.destryabbott.com 2008 Sponsors: Kawasaki Racing, Thor, Dunlop, Pro Circuit, Stephen Gall Training, Scott Goggles, SIDI, HoyFox.com, Motion Pro, BRP, Braking, Works Connection, Shoei, CTI2, Red Baron, Maxima, Kicker, O’GIO, Acerbis, Steahly, Trick Fuel, RK/Excel, Renthal, Bent, Hinson, AP Designs, IMS, Jonre Multimedia, Cyto Sport, N-Style, GPR Stabilizers, Zip-Ty, UNI, Parkway Chiropractic, Tire-Balls, and ZLT.
  5. Destry

    My ISDE Fundraiser (Aug. 3)

    Here's some of the items I'm going to have. Raffle Items • 6 Monster Gift Certificates (case, backpack, dog tags, water bottle, t-shirt for each certificate) • 3 Zip-Ty Schraeder Valve Tools • 4 Zip-Ty Tire Irons 10” • 4 Zip-Ty Large Tire Irons • O’Neal Waist Belt • Thor Tool Belt • 2 IMS Gift Certificates (1 Free Shift Lever/ 1 Free Foot Peg) • 10 Motion Pro Gift Certificates (50% off retail) • 4 Dunlop Gift Certificates ( 1 Free Tire Each) • 2 Scott Vision Systems • 3 Renthal BIG Bar Pads • 2 Motion Pro Chairs • 2 Bottles Waterless Race Coolant • Kawasaki Backpack • Helmet (Z-Racing Series) • Kawasaki Poker Set ($140 value) • Kawasaki Watch ($130 value) • Smith Goggles • Scott Desert Goggles • Motion Pro 7-Piece T-Handle Socket Set • Works Connection T-shirts • 2 Hinson Sweatshirts • 5 Hinson T-shirts • 2 Justin Buckelew Autographed Jerseys • 3 Hinson Hats • Free Massage (Athletik Edge; $100 Value) • Free Training Session (Athletik Edge; $100 Value) • 5 Works Connection Fuel Mixture Screws • Works Connection T-shirts • 5 Renthal Beanies • 3 Renthal Youth Tees • 5 Renthal Hats • 2 Kawasaki Chairs *Many more items still to come!! Auction Items • Ryan Clark Autographed Jersey • Bret Metcalf Autographed Jersey • Ryan Villopoto Autographed Jersey • James Stewart Autographed Jersey • James Stewart Autographed Goggles • James Stewart Autographed Miniature Helmet • Destry Abbott Autographed Set of Gear • Jonre Gift Certificate ($1000 value towards creation of Web Page) • A Day With Destry (Spend 8 hours with Destry; training, riding, etc.)
  6. Destry

    My ISDE Fundraiser (Aug. 3)

    Thanks! There will be 6 of us on the Trophy Team (Kurt Caselli, Ricky Dietrich, Nathan Woods, Nathan Kanney, Jimmy Jarrett, and myself). They also have a 4-man Junior Team and some Club Teams. The race starts on September 1st and goes to the 6th. I do know it will be aired, but not sure when. I'll have updates on my site during my time over there (with video updates).
  7. Destry

    My ISDE Fundraiser (Aug. 3)

    Yea, we worked something out! They're really doing a great job on helping me out.
  8. Destry

    My ISDE Fundraiser (Aug. 3)

    The Escargot is a blast, but harder then it looks. I think I'm going to set it up on Saturday so I can preactice before everyone gets there:) HAHA! It should be a good time and I'm planning on doing a cool prize for the winner!
  9. Destry

    My ISDE Fundraiser (Aug. 3)

    I'll be there getting ready the Saturday before the fundraiser. Last Satuday I was out of town.
  10. Destry

    My ISDE Fundraiser (Aug. 3)

    Sorry about that guys! The date is Aug 3rd I'll actually be over in Greece racing on September 3rd. I'll also be out there on Saturday (Grindingstone) trying to set things up. I'm looking forward to seeing you guys there! Best Wishes, Destry www.destryabbott.com
  11. Destry

    My ISDE Fundraiser (Aug. 3)

    Here's a flyer on my Fundraiser I'm doing. Hope to see you guys there!
  12. Destry

    KX450F plastic

    Fred, I remember talking to you, but I don't recall ever saying anything about a recall on the rear fenders. THERE IS NO RECALL ON REAR FENDERS! Sorry for the misunderstanding. Hope to see you out at the track again. Best Wishes, Destry www.destryabbott.com
  13. Destry

    Offroad ?

    I'm planning on racing all the WORCS and H&H's on the 450. I've spent a lot of time on it and it's by far the best bike I've been on. I'm also planning on race a few GNCC's and the ISDE in New Zealand. Hope to see you at the races. Best Wishes, Destry www.destryabbott.com
  14. Destry

    KX500 vs. KX450

    Come on guys, the 500 is still a pretty good bike (for the desert). But I can say we've been doing a lot of testing with them back-to-back and the 450 is way better. It's a lot easier to ride and a heck of a lot funner. You'll lose a little on the top-end, but you'll make up for it everywhere else. We've been playing around with gearing and it's not to far off from the 500. Good Luck! Best Wishes, Destry www.destryabbott.com
  15. Destry

    Endurocross warm up event in 2006???

    Yea, Paul and I had some great races. We actually had one time where hit and I went down (it was my fault). He really rode great and wasn't that far from making the main. Hope to see you guys at the races again. Best Wishes, Destry www.destryabbott.com