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  1. Hey all. I'm looking for a bike for my girl friend and shes 5'1 100lbs. I have a Honda xr200r and she cant touch the ground without major tipping. I would like to buy something so she could ride with me without dropping a ton of money but want something decent. I see a lot of 110cc Chinese bikes out there but don't know much about them or their life expectancy. What do you all think? Thanks
  2. RozZo

    xr200 Kick start

    Hey, I recently bought an 86 xr200 for $50 but the kick start isn’t working. It spins totally free. I’m assuming it’s the ratchet gear that is in there because I found a few teeth in the motor when I pulled the side cover off. This is the first dirt bike I have worked on and am not sure really what I’m in for on replacing this gear. I have worked on many cars before so I know which side of the wrench to use. I’m wondering if there are any diagrams or write-ups on this procedure and if there are other things in there I should replace at the same time. Thanks in advance.