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  1. almoker

    coast range front tire

    Just wondering what some opinions are for front tires. Most of my riding is year round coast range, I would sacrifice wear for good bite, used to run s-12 tried the dunlop at's and they worked ok also. Any thoughts?
  2. almoker

    EVO or Devol ?

    two thumbs up for TBT, my son has had all his big bikes done and is very comfortable with his settings, they always make it right! comfortable = confidence= fast!
  3. almoker

    Oregon mx around La Grande

    As if mx isnt expensive enough, now the boy is at school. Are there any mx tracks around La Grande? My son is agood kid and intermediate rider (not sketchy), just would like to keep him riding when he can. thanks
  4. almoker

    linkage bearing rubber seals

    I am replacing linkage shock and swingarm bearings on 09 250f, I ahve no problem pressing out the bearings but cant get the seals out that are pressed in. Any tips? thanks
  5. almoker

    Riding near Ocean Shores

    Go to L&D race tech (KTM dealer) in Warrenton right across from the Vince Williams car dealership and next to Les Schwab, they can direct you to Nicolai Mt. the newest ohv area in oregon, a ways east of Astoria, or you can play around in the sand at bayfront that is in Warrenton next to the river. There should be some bucktooth hillbillies at either place on a holiday weekend.
  6. almoker

    Sherman MX - Numbers Needed - Help Please

    We would greatly support an mx track in Moro OR. Both my son (at school at EOU) and I look forward to more riding areas for family and friends. Thanks for the effort!
  7. almoker

    Suspension Work

    TBT racing in seattle has done my sons bikes four times. very pleased and very reasonable.
  8. almoker

    520 gearing

    I have my brothers 2001 520 mxc the gearing on it 13/52, he had a set of sprockets 13/50, the bike is dual sported and I will probably do some road riding if that makes any difference, any thoughts?
  9. almoker

    timber ridge mx park

    where? when? is this going to be open to the public?
  10. almoker

    *HammerHead shift lever help*

    im looking for one for my 09 kx250f and that site said they had one but i called hammerhead and they said they don't make one for the 09 kx250f yet
  11. almoker

    09 250f extended shifter

    just got an 09 kx250f and need an longer shifter does hammer head make one if not does anyone else?
  12. almoker

    Good riding area near Long Beach, WA

    not sure whtat tahuya and evans creek are like but there is a sand track and riding area in warrenton across the river, just south of astoria. big wide open and okay for beginners.
  13. almoker

    indoor track in clark county

    I took my son to hindsight regularly from the time they opened an average of three times a month. I agree with one comment about tracks being intimadating. I do htink that hindsight did get better at track layout, that is skill level and safety.In answer to your question we would definately support an indoor facility. we will be waiting with our fingers crossed.
  14. almoker

    reasonable dealer price on an 07

    bought my son an 06 yesterday at motosport in hilsboro or for 4600 otd and titled. i think they are getting 10 more 06s any time.
  15. had the same thing happen to me. after the initial horror, i talked to every one and any body who would listen.finally decided to just weld up the hole,being very careful not too get anything to hot.i probably have 10 hours of track and trail on it and it seems fine. no strange sounds or shiney stuff in oil.