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  1. HARDKORE341

    pics on changing oil screen

    I'm new to TT after the fact, but I wish I was aware of this when I purchased my bike cause now due to the silicone plugging my screen, and starving my engine of oil, my motor is fried....after only 5 hours! My dealer is tying to get ahold of someone a Kawi, but it's been 3 days now and can't get ahold of anyone....and the first race of the season is Sunday to top it all off!
  2. HARDKORE341

    crankcase breather tube

    Mine is doing the same thing, but my oil screen was like 75% plugged with silicone, metal and aluminum shavings. I noticed it's burning oil too and it's only got max 5 hrs on it. I took it to the dealer yesterday and still waiting to hear from them. I checked my clutch and the plates are blue, possibly overheated?
  3. HARDKORE341

    Oil blowing out breather hose

    I would have to say no.
  4. HARDKORE341


    Still waiting for the "phone call"
  5. HARDKORE341


    I've got 5 hours on my 07 kx450 and starting making loud noises. Checked my oil, and filter and found no problems, then pulled out my oil pump screen and found it about 75% plugged with silicone and metal shavings. Cleaned it up and changed oil and tried it out, I think the damage has been done. It's burning oil, major blowby, and lacking power. Took it to the dealer today and I'll see what kind of "warranty" I recieve. **Check your oil pump screen Kawi guys and save yourselfs some headaches!!**