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    After Market Seat?

    Hi, I've tried the stock and the gel seat. Remember that the gel seat lowers the seat height but if you're over 5' 8", your legs may feel a little cramped when they're on the pegs.
  2. greenrider5

    Injured 05 SM

    Hi, I had a problem with my 2004 dr650. It was stolen but recovered. Damages included a cut harness, broken ignition set, spray paint on the plastics, and a slight elongation to the hole where the steering lock bolt goes into the bracket that is attached to the frame. Replacing the plastics, harness, ignition set etc. would have cost more than the blue book price so the insurance company told the mechanic to write up the damages and to add the steering lock bracket as being damaged. To make a long story short, I did buy the salvage back for $400. The little bracket with the slightly enlarged hole (steering lock still works but with a little more play than before) resulted in my bike being considered a total loss and being reported to the dmv as a salvage with frame damage. I have since learned that in Hawaii, to get your salvaged bike registered, it has to be repaired by a certified salvage dealer only. No ways around this. It wouldn't be too bad if there was a certified salvage dealer on my island but there isn't one. Be sure that you know what it will take to get your bike legally registered in your state if it has been reported to your dmv as being a salvage with either frame or suspension damage. Ed