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  1. i was wondering what part of the day on a saturday would be the best time to hit the track. would like early morning be better, or in the afternoon when everyone leaves due to heat??? thanks ahead of time!!
  2. i can usually play anytime from like 12 am to 3 am pacific time!
  3. i think my username is WRrider24...
  4. done and dunner!
  5. what's going on with the "oasis"?
  6. awesome game, but i hate that track!!
  7. LOL perfecting the art of the "bubba scrub"! lol
  8. what ever happened to ESPN?
  9. try
  10. Has anyone heard anything about when and where they are opening? I heard one was coming in this summer, but I wasn't sure exactly when.
  11. look for me in 125 beginner class!! won the first GP and hope to earn another Saturday.
  12. yeah, does anyone know what motorcross is? those guys are annoying.
  13. yep, gotta love TiVo!!!
  14. It says the petition ID is invalid.