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    Bang 2!!!!!

    C.E - Coast enricher. Is this somthing I can look at and check or is it back to the garage? Located on the carb I assume? Any further info would be great as it certainly sounds like its worth a check!! Thanks jimbo
  2. pilotjimbo

    Bang 2!!!!!

    HI Following a previous post I am still having trouble with my DRZ. The local bike fix it garage cant find a problem either! (not that thats saying much living in Spain!!) I have a 2003 DRZ which I have done 7000 smiles on when throttling off especially after an extended period at high revs it backfires , not at first but as the revs drop lower. Typical example approaching a roundabout throttle off in 3rd (engine braking bike) nothing coming revs low just about to pull clutch in to drop it down to 2nd then BANG!! This started to get worse and I put a thread on Thumper Talk suggestion clean airfilter i did and things got much better and still are but it still goes bang! I am riding a UK bike in Spain which is a touch naughty - sooner or later this little problem is going to get me pulled over Please please Can anyone help the garage has checked all the obvious leaking exhaust etc. Thanks
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    Ahh might have beeen a little hasty in saying it was fixed its much better but still the odd bang! Do you think in view of the fact that cleaning the filter has made it better that the mixture is set a little rich!! JB
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    You guys are brilliant!!! I m embarresed to say I had a mucky air filter! Thanks guys you have made my day!
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    Niel, The bike is a DRZ400E with no modifications! Had it for 4 months since it was 700miles old, bought it from a friend so I know the history. It was fine for first 4000miles then just the odd pop but now its getting worse and worse! I use it to comute around Mallorca and average 70 miles a day 20 on motorway! I wondered if it was because I have been operating it at full throttle for much of its life. When it rains and I slow down it backfires less! Oh checked already for leak in exhaust and I cant see any! Any further ideas. Thanks again
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    Can anyone help?? I have a 2003 DRZ which I have done 7000 smiles on when throttling off especially after an extended period at high revs it backfires, now at first this was quite funny but now its getting worse! Any ideas? Is this going to cost me a fortune to fix?? Thanks jimbo