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  1. Yeah, I remember when the speed limit was 55. But I'm a local.
  2. Three goats, nine chickens and half a dozen virgins later it is running. I can't tell you how it happened, it just did. Thanks for all your help guys!
  3. Correction. The elevation here is +250 ft. above where I bought it.
  4. It's getting spark. Checked that a million times. Elevations are the same. Bike will run if roll started, but dies when coming to a stop.
  5. Alright. Tried everything. Nothing. I did, however, get it to start by bump starting it. Ran like a scalded dog, but would die when I pulled the clutch in.
  6. I thought about the switch a couple of days ago and turned it to the "p" position but nothing happens to change the cranking. Is there a "correct" position for the switch?
  7. Just bought an '01 XR400R last weekend. Came with Baja Designs d/s kit. I've kicked and kicked and kicked and can't get it to start. Changed the gas. Drained the bowl. Changed the plug. Nada. Tried with choke on. Choke half. Choke off. Throttle on. Throttle off. Any idea what to try next? I've ordered a couple of goats and a dozen chickens so a sacrifice is not out of the question.
  8. A real life saver ('cause I was about to toss the thing off a cliff!) Thanks!