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  1. f3lixx

    2004 200sx

    Thanks mike.
  2. f3lixx

    2004 200sx

    I just bought the same bake a week ago. I need to play with the jetting a little bit.
  3. f3lixx

    The KTM 200 Club

    Hey guys, just became a member of the 200 club. Took her out yesterday for shake down run. This bike flat rips!!!
  4. f3lixx

    Caribou/ Eldora

    What's it to ya?? Rookie hahahah
  5. f3lixx

    Caribou/ Eldora

    Me and my buddy will meet you. I'll get post more after work. Meet up spot and such. John
  6. Hitting up left hand tomorrow around noon. Let me know if you will be up there or want to join. John
  7. Just right out of Boulder. Off Hwy 36. I have weekdays of also. Maybe we can hook up next week. I'll let you know What day. John My ride, Just switched from Supermoto trim.
  8. I'm open for Saturday. Heading to left hand canyon. You should join.
  9. f3lixx

    Cr250 graphic kits!

    Ebay has a few right now.
  10. f3lixx

    Mikuni to Keihin

    PWK,$170 shipped to my door from TT store 3 weeks ago.
  11. f3lixx

    Suspension rebuild - '02 CR250

    My local shop will do a revalve for your riding style plus new seals for $180.Ive herd this is is about average. Tell them you don't need all their parts. Shop around.