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  1. Hey, I cleared my box out, it's still yours if you want it, let me know. Thanks.
  2. If anyone wants this you can have it for $109.00. That is much cheaper than buying clamps and you can change it for different tracks. Supercross you may want 20mm then a high speed outdoor track you may want to change it to 24mm. Retail is $199.00.
  3. If anyone may want the e-axle, I have a brand new one that I don't need. With this you can change the offset from 20mm, 22mm, 24mm. I got it for like half price and I will sell it for just what I paid for it plus shipping to you. PM me if interested. This is for the 09 thru 11 but I believe it will also work on the older models. Thanks!
  4. You can replace the 4 springs with Hinson spring and it makes the clutch work great. It was like $50.00 and it not any harder to pull in.
  5. I love my 09 450, I have done all the mods possible.
  6. It's a great bike once you set it up for yourself. Chad Reed chose the Honda over all the other brands for a reason.
  7. 90/100 21 MX 51 front tire is the hot set up.
  8. I think I just about have the bike dialed in. I will install a linkage and larger bladder cap for the shock this week. I will report back once I ride it. Had the revalve and springs already. I was amazed at how much the steering dampener help, I have not touch it since I bought the bike. I am now running it three clicks out and it really seems to help.
  9. Mine has 17 hours and it has stopped leaking. It's okay to smell a little fuel in the oil but if it's filling up you need to change it.
  10. How many hours is on your bike?
  11. I have a friend who did this and said it worked. I plan to order some soon. The pull will be only a little harded.
  12. Has anyone tried this set up? Also wondering how it would work with the longer suspension link also.
  13. With 15 hours on mine the fuel in oil problem seems to have stopped. I think part of the problem is just with new bikes before they break in.
  14. You will need to send him a PM, I wouldn't think it would need a re-map again. How did you like the re-map with the pipe?
  15. Eddie's re-map cured mine of the same thing.