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  1. Hey guys Taking my boys camping tonight then ridding tomorrow. We have been hitting Nestucca but would like to go to McCummins if it's clear of snow. The traffic cameras on the Mt show all clear at Government camp and blue box pass but wondering if anyone has been there lately? Thanks for the info
  2. Here is a vid I put together over the rainy weekend from or ride last month. The ride was an absolute blast. We had to modify the route since one of our guys had to head back early so we didn't make it border to border but still had an amazing time!
  3. Hey Guys. Heading up the Mt with the kids tomorrow to go to Kanhetta for the weekend and bringing the bikes to ride on the way there. Looks like McCubbins should be snow free but wondering if anyone has checked it out lately?
  4. If you leave straight from the lake, yes, you must be plated. If you trailer your bikes its about 20 min to the closest trail.
  5. I love riding out of Paluina Lake Lodge south of Bend. Cabins by the lake and the china hat trail system is just a quick ride over the hill. If there was something similar in the area I would be all over it as well.
  6. Hey Guys. I had not been out to Diamond Mill in many years but heard there was some new trails so I thought I would head out there over the weekend. Got a bit of a late start on Sunday, getting there around 1;30. Got in about 45 miles in near perfect conditions without a single sighting of another rider on the trails. Some snow up high but lots of great trails and all were in really good condition for winter time! Some pics from the day and just my second trip out on my new 610. Loving this bike! For being kinda big and heavy, it sure does good on the single track
  7. Ive ridden both a fair amount. IMO for 80%-%20 use its a coin toss. Both feel about the same on the street and are solid easy all around bikes. If you think you will do more off road later then go with the XR. Much better bike in the dirt IMO. They both have simple mods and overall are pretty bullet proof. I say what ever one you find the best deal on is the one to get. I went with the Husky 610 because I ride more dirt, and while its just as good on the road as the others, its WAY better in the ruff stuff!
  8. LaDee Flats is somewhat low in elv, but not much for ridding. The trails on the map were not there when I rode through about 2 months ago. They are supposed to be making that area into an OHV park but who knows when. I have ridden the 4610 a ton and in the summer its a great ride. The trail into Huxly lake is a good little ride if its clear of snow? The best bet by far as far as trails in the Mt. that are clear of snow is Mt Babber OHV between Corvallis and Newport. They have a club that helps run the place and im sure they would know if its clear or not. Its sits the lowest of all the OHV areas and has been snow free many times when the burn is snowed in.
  9. Hi. Just heard about this from a friend. Hope your still looking. I will send you a PM later tonight with all my info when I get back from location. Here is my site for now though just incase you need to see something right away. www.davidschelske.com Thanks Dave
  10. Nice Blake! I gotta take by boys next year. They would love it! Had to add in one of our local fast guys Taddy hitting the water
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