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  1. no way should he have bailed. MAYBE if you can bail and land yourself on the downside and let your bike case it.. thats the only scenario i can see
  2. it dont matter its just a spring. works the same either way
  3. Ok well I got the shock done. Now I need to get on the forks. I actually bought a set of 2005 forks in much better shape than my 2002 forks (cr250). They are off a crf450. Now I am ooking for some stock weight springs(.43) because they seem to be the right spring rate for me as a stock CR250. How will the valving be like with the CRF forks ? I weigh 155 without gear. Mid pack novice-intermediate MX rider with some off road mixed in there.
  4. Ive never had an complaints with my 2002 with a TMX on it. Thing absolutely rips. Pulls really hard and has decent bottom end grunt.. With all the crap I read about them sometimes I wonder if I got a fluke bike or something. The only better running 250 ive been on was my 16' 250sx
  5. Id look into it. At the very least get the valve cover off and check the valve clearance. Pretty easy to do
  6. you shouldnt need a steering damper. i didnt see any head shake or anything but check your stem bearings. make sure they are tight.
  7. hard to tell. sounds like a valve tick maybe. even sounds like it could be an exhaust leak but i doubt it.
  8. pressure washer with some soapy water. then after i shoot some wd 40 on and wipe with a micro fiber... i could reach inbetween the spokes and wipe the hub just a little bit at a time. works good on machined hubs, cast hubs that would probly be a pain and I would skip the micro fiber
  9. DO you have to weld new mounts on for the motor? My dad has a 91 CR500 we have toyed with putting in a modern frame....
  10. throttle on my ktm stuck. fractured my ankle, the inside bone that sticks out. and strained the hell out of it
  11. What is the problem? It isnt hitting right?
  12. Found a good guide in the CRF450 forum if anyone ever wants a procedure on how to fill shock with oil
  13. OK mog cool. I am just trying to pull apart and inspect. Get fresh oil in and install the new spring. Trying to learn how to do these myself. At least servicing... Ill look into the best procedure for filling with oil.. Thanks
  14. I saw references to the band dia. I am measuring 1.9765 (50.2mm) if it matters
  15. Well, I think I can figure it out. Got to start somewhere I guess.. This is what it looks like, seems stock for what I have read. Should it be the stock band if I have had it rebuild more than once by a tuner??