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  1. 520sxktm

    Sold my 03 yz450 now I'm lost.

    I have a 02 KTM520SX that I loved in the trails but not so hot on the track, I have the 6-Speed tranny in it, and would do 106MPH would be perfect to make street legal. I bought an 03 YZ450 still have no problems in the trail and love it on the track.
  2. 520sxktm

    silver lake sand dunes

    3rd almost pinned
  3. Video clip from silver lake last sunday, me on my yz450fhttp://s165.photobucket.com/albums/u74/bax78/?action=view&current=MVI_0392-1.flv
  4. 520sxktm

    Honda Diaphragm- Impressive.

    will that work in a 02 520sx
  5. I have a 02 duramax crew cab short bed with K&N cold air intake, and an edge attitude power adjuster that adjust from 30-120 more Horses with another 330 lbs of foot torque and the best I ever got was 20mpg with a fourwheeler in the bed on highway driving about 70mph. That was the only time. Find myself on the gas way more puffing out black smoke with the upgrades. The best I got after that was an average of 18.5mpg on highway empty, 15mpg highway pulling 23ft enclosed aluminum trailer with 4 bikes, 1 fourwheeler, and loaded down with all the camping accesories. Get about 16.5 driving around town.
  6. 520sxktm

    Broken Bones!!!

    Broke both the bones in my left arm at a 16 degree angle.