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  1. Not sure if your forks are the same as my 04' 450 and it's been awhile since I did mine. Would it be easier if you used the fork cartridge remover first. If your forks are the same as mine, which I think they are, I highly recommend getting one.
  2. dirthogg

    1999 RM 80 Bored: Powervalve Mod?

    Thank you for the measurements. I knew not to grind it flush with the cylinder. The plan was to grind it back parallel with the cylinder and I didn't know if I should grind it at an angel. I don't want to negatively effect the power by grinding it incorrectly. Thanks,
  3. I just had the cylinder bored to +2 and need to modify the power valve so it doesn't hit the piston. My plan is to use a dremal tool and grind it parallel with the cylinder wall. Should I grind it differently than I am planning and does anyone else have any tips or pointers? Thanks, I did search for info.
  4. dirthogg

    Ohlins suspension

    I had them on my 98' cr250 and wasn't that impressed with them. I wouldn't have spent the money but $500 for a totally rebuilt par, I couldn't say no. Also ran one in the rear of my old apex snowmobile and it was dog crap. Had to revalve it and it still didn't work.
  5. dirthogg

    Bit the bullet

    Watch out when you're changing the oil filter. I believe it's the top bolt that will strip out because it doesnt have enough threads to catch the case. I would replace it with one that is a bit longer.
  6. dirthogg

    front end hop! need to know!

    Are your spokes loose?
  7. dirthogg

    04' yz450f - Shim Advice

    I was doing a search to find someone running the dell taco with the race tech top cap but didn't find anything solid. I did come across one of your threads where you had installed the top cap and was thinking about going with the dell taco also. Are your or did you try to run with both of them installed?
  8. dirthogg

    04' yz450f - Shim Advice

    Thanks for the tip but why do you suggest making changes to the base instead of the mid? I have tried higher oil levels along with maxing out the clickers and that's not working. It is helping a lot with the max oil level but then the ride starts to become harsh.
  9. dirthogg

    04' yz450f - Shim Advice

    I like the website and what they have to offer but the demo is limited to stacks of ten shims and shim diameters less then 10 mm. There isn't a single shim that's less then 10mm in the forks. I am downloading the demo to see if I want to spend the $40 on it. Has anyone had a chance to really use this program and how did you benefit from it? Also, here's the correct link www.shimrestacker.com
  10. dirthogg

    04' yz450f - Shim Advice

    Stock fork springs .46 Sag 100, but I haven't check it since about a week after I installed it(3 rides). I'm guessing that's enough break in time.
  11. dirthogg

    04' yz450f - Shim Advice

    Are you saying to try it without the CV and before I decide to purchase the racetech top cap? Or do I have to purchase the racetech top cap to replace the CV.
  12. dirthogg

    04' yz450f - Shim Advice

    I believe you have the Dual Chamber fork, the 04' is a single. I have read you post but I don't know how well it would relate due to the different forks.
  13. I'm to the point that I would like to play around with my valving. Here's my info: 225 lbs without gear 4.8 fork spring installed 5.6 shock spring installed Oil height is 4.5" from the top of the fork. Stock is 4.92" and the adjustability range is 4.13" - 5.31" (105mm-135mm) My problem is I'm bottoming too much and a lot of the time it's harsh bottoming. The forks feel squishy and I'm not confident with them even in the smaller stuff. Here are the stock shims that I got off of valvinglogic.com. I want to have a good idea of what my goal should be with the shims before I start working on them. I'm not sure if some of the listed shims are the check valve or what the difference is between "top" and "bottom". I assume "mid" are the shims I want to change. fork mid valve top 16.1 b Not sure what the "b" stands for. top 20.40 mid 4 - 24.1 I'm guessing these are the face shims? mid 20.1 mid 16.1 mid 2 - 14.3 b mid 25.40 Is this the clamp? mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid mid above above sc 11 x 6.0 below 2 - 11.2 below below below fork rebound 8 - 27.1 12.1 s 26.1 24.1 20.1 18.1 16.1 14.15 12.15 11.25 b fork base valve 8 - 24.1 12.1 s 22.1 24.1 22.15 20.15 18.15 16.15 13.15 11.25 b washer 11.3 b 24.1 My first thought is play around with bigger clamps to see how it affects the bottoming. I realize I'm not a pro when it comes to knowing what to do with the shims but I'm very confident with working on my forks. Any help you can provide to get me pointed in the right direction will be greatly appreciated.
  14. dirthogg

    04' yz450 stock shim stacks

    Thanks a lot!
  15. I've searched the thread but haven't been able to find the stock shim stack for my bike. Does anyone know it off hand or a website I can go to? Thanks,