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  1. dgvincent86

    Is this a good deal?

    See if he will take $2500.
  2. dgvincent86

    05 rmz 250 suzuki

    I've got an '06 with a butt load of extra parts I'll sell for $3500 I'm in Michigan. PM me if you are interested. thanks!
  3. dgvincent86

    Phatt Fmf Pipe!!!!!!!

  4. dgvincent86

    post pics of your bike

    Looks to be a motovert.
  5. dgvincent86

    What do you think?

    Hey guys, I've got a chance to pick up a 2001 ttr-90 from the original owner for only $500. I know they don't make a whole lot of after market parts for the 90 as compared to a 50 or 110, but it's a decent deal. Should I get it?
  6. dgvincent86

    Is the 07 tranny a problem?

    Like mxdad32 said before "Sometimes there are just manufacturing flaws that happen." It could just be an issue with a certain number of bikes.
  7. dgvincent86

    question about frame price

    ME TOO ! ! UPS is gay! Ship USPS.
  8. dgvincent86

    Leatt Brace

    GO TO THE SITE. All prices + shipping and handling $395 for the CLUB Glass Reinforced Nylon Upper and Lower Weight: 850gr $595 for the SPORT Glass Reinforced Nylon Lower and Carbon Fiber Upper Weight: 780gr $995 for the PRO Carbon Fiber Upper and Lower
  9. dgvincent86

    Midwest Offroad/MX Christian Riders

    x2 By The Way.... I know that this doesn't really have anything to do with riding, but it does have to do with my lord and savior Jesus Christ. Two of my brothers, are in a christian rock band and this is thier site. Let me or them know what you guys think. THANKS!!!! http://www.nailpointpayment.com/
  10. dgvincent86

    question about frame price

  11. dgvincent86


    Welcome to TT white boy!
  12. dgvincent86

    white bros aluminium pro tyre rubbing

    130 tire:crazy: That's what I was thinking.
  13. dgvincent86

    white bros aluminium pro tyre rubbing

    It's possible your subframe or your mounting bracket is slightly tweeked. Or are you running a bigger rear tire? 110 possibly?
  14. dgvincent86

    question about frame price

    No, for the simple fact that there is a dent the size of a meteor on the bottom, and I would never put a red frame on one of my bikes.
  15. dgvincent86

    Lets See Your New RMZs

    me like...me like lol