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  1. Hi boys and girls, I need to snug up my suspension. Does anyone have stiffer springs available for a 2005 YZ250F? I think that I want the fork rate to be .45kg/mm and the shock to be 5.1kg/mm. I'm 200lbs w/o gear, so if you think I'm off base, feel free to let me know. Oh, and if anyone needs the stock springs, I won't have any use for them any longer. Thanks!
  2. rider14x

    OEM parts more quickly

    Thanks for the warning. Another slow source is the last thing that I need....even if it does save me a couple bucks.
  3. I had an engine plug fall out on me the last time that I rode. I know that it is my own stupid fault for not having checked it in the last few rides, but what are you going to do? When I went to the local shop, they said it was goign got take a week to get a new one. Is there an online site that is accessible to the public where you can get OEM parts for an '05 YZ250F a little more quickly? Thanks!
  4. rider14x

    yz oil filter

    Grayracer....that is exactly what I was looking for. The decision is made. Thanks a ton!!
  5. rider14x

    yz oil filter

    That's what I have heard, but I didn't know if the Hi Flo filters did as good of a job. Maybe I should just do the stainless one and be done with it. Thanks for the help!
  6. rider14x

    yz oil filter

    I am on my third oil change now and the OEM oil filters run $13 a pop. What do you guys think of the stainless/washable models. Do they filter as well?
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    Thanks guys. I'll have to check out the one that will work with my oem exhaust.
  8. rider14x


    Hi everyone. I am new to the sport and recently purchased an '05 yz250f. I am interested in getting a pipe that is forest service approved so that I can trail ride. What do you recommend? Thanks!