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  1. Steve450SX

    07 250 SXF suspension set up

    Hi, I went up two rates on the rear spring and have left the front stock and things are much improved. Although I am planning to get my SXS setup converted from my 06 450SX. Let us know how you got on with your new setup.
  2. Steve450SX

    06 Ktm 450 Sx

    Sorry forgot to mention, the best improvement that I made was the change to 16mm offset clamps, really sharpened up the handling.
  3. Steve450SX

    06 Ktm 450 Sx

    I've owned an 03, 04, no 05 due to a smashed ankle and now have an 06 all for MX only. Great bike, good ergo's (I'm 6'4"), very reliable and it really suits my riding. I tested a Honda and Yam after all the rave reviews but just could not get on with them.
  4. Steve450SX

    armthorpe moto parc

    Hi, if you are talking about the track in Doncaster then I have not ridden there yet but a lot of friends say that it is a good sand track. They have a practice and race track there and are open most of the time. I am due to race there in April with the Cambridge Club.
  5. Steve450SX

    Adjustable T-clamps 14-20mm in 5 min.

    Used these on my 04 450SX with the 16/18mm offsets. Just put them on my 06 450sx (16mm) fantastic product. Helped my 06 no end with the handling this weekend, 18mm on the standard setup was not enough, would like to try the 14/20 inserts to see how it handles with the 14mm offset.
  6. Picked my 06 450 up last weekend and have previously owned 03 and 04 450sx. No problems with any of the bikes (apart from a broken clutch plate in the 03). Valve adjustment is a piece of cake (1hr max). Haven't had a chance to setup the new bike yet but am already considering putting the 16mm offset clamps from my 04 as I was having problems with the front end pushing (adjusted to 18mm for the time being). Motor feels strong and bike looks real good.