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  1. Oil filter on a TTR 125?? I just changed mine. Went to the local shop and asked for 4 stroke oil. all you do is unscrew the bottom, take out the little dip stick for a vent and drain. I did change the AIR filter on mine. Helped out a lot.
  2. Funny I heard there is no legal riding in MASS! Plenty of riding up here in VT if you know where to go and meet the right people.....
  3. Hey, socalxr: TTR150????????
  4. Yip. No lie. Filled the tank went 50 miles (dirt roads 5th gear and did trails) stopped put in 1/2 a gallon. Went another 50 miles (dirt roads 5th gear and did trails) stopped put another 1/2 gallon in. Finished the ride. Kept up with a huscavarna (?) 510 and a bunch of 450's and 250's. Bike has a FMF power core 4 on it. Stock tires. IDK?? just seemed to work! I also only way about a buck nine!
  5. FYI.. .My 2004 TTR125le (with after market pipe) gets 100 miles/gallon.
  6. Saturday, 9am Long Trail Tavern (Johnson, VT) w/CCCofVT
  7. Riding season is here. Where are you guys????!!!!
  8. Great question. Was wondering that myself.... I have a 2004 TTRle. I am going on my first BIG dual sport and haven't a CLUE what the mileage is for the tank. I know I have done 20/30 miles with a full tank, but never really took the time to stop and see what was left in the tank when I was done riding for the day.
  9. LOL.. See you there!!!
  10. Or try I use this on my brows and it actually hurts less than most others!!! VERY surpised.
  11. I just registered my ttr125le here in VT. All i need was a bill of sale and proof of insurance. Don't need a title under 250cc... Now when I move to MA that is different - do they require a title no matter what size or can I transfer my plates from VT to MA AND do you need a motorcycle endorsement to GET plates in MA?
  12. I don't think I am allowed back in Vegas! LOL Lucky! Have fun.... Wish I was going.
  13. I got my first bike (XR100) when I was 26 and started riding, no too seriously. Then at age 33 (and 1 child later) I got a 2004 TTR125 and got series. Rode my first race just to say Ive raced and prove to myself I could do it and now just ride trails and pits when possible. Not too many other chicks that enjoy riding as much as I do around my parts and the "scared sh*tless" factor??? isn't that what it is all about in other terms known as ADRENALINE! I go out and ride to forget about what i am really afraid of: STRESS! So all together I have been riding not too long but want to keep on enjoying it and hope that the CRF 50 my Xhubby got my daughter when she was 3 (she is now 4 1/2) will be right by my side!!!!
  14. Boys (not men's) boxer briefs.. they are the bomb!!!!! And as someone else said CHEAP!
  15. Elementary Ed is a great program there. I really close friend of mine graduated with an Elem. Ed. degree and she heads up the Early Education Supervisory "team" for Orleans South here in VT. The one thing though, the first year I was there coming from Providence and going to Rural - more rural than Johnson, VT - was BIG TIME culture shock!!!! I remember looking out my window the first time it snowed and I was like "Is it ever going to stop snowing??????" Good luck to her
  16. Fellow LSC Alumni Right here - class of '94! School was great.. tuition somewhat high for out of staters. FYI most Meterologists you see in NE on the news are LSC grads! Nice OT! But, I would have to say, that most people who graduate from LSC end up using there degree in the field the were looking for... I went for Graphic Design and currently work in the printing/design industry.
  17. Interesting arguement starting here... ANYWHO.... Originally from Barrington.. moving back into the area this summer. If nothing else entertainment when I visit the folks. Looking for trails. Where they at???!!!
  18. Hey there... Yes I have seen the other Threads about these bikes, BUT my question is this: I have a friend who is going to start riding this summer. Would you recommend the Orion bikes to a beginner? I saw the 250 (Orion)and LOOKS nice, but is it really? My opinion is to stick to the name brands: Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, etc. you know they can take a beating. BUT since he is a beginner and has never been on a dirtbike before does it really matter what he starts out on? What is anyone elses opinion? Would love some input from fellow TTers!
  19. Signed up AND got additional applications to pass along to other riders!!!! Hope you have fun at the event on the 10th. Won't be able to make it due to prior commitments!!!!
  20. Yeah.. What OT said! I would stay in the areas you talk about.. actually Underhill, Jericho, Richmond are nice areas. Jeffersonville/Cambridge is a really nice area but then you have to deal with Vacationers.... The Elementary is excellent.. the Union high school the county well... let put it this way I am saving lots for my girl to go somewhere else!!!!!! Good luck and enjoy! It is beautiful country!
  21. Have you found a place to purchase yet? I'm sure I can figure out a chainsaw... just might be scary!!!! LOL
  22. Just be sure to share with the rest of us and don't "POST" it.....
  23. There are places.... just gotta find em... and I agree Yofrankie, what is up with the cost of living around here!!!!!!!!! May drive me to move back down to southern NE.
  24. Yip... some! Im in the Jeffersonville area. If you are looking for tracks the only track is in Derby VT (Vermont Motocross Association).. trails/dual sports check out this:
  25. Great! Im in Jeffersonville.. could you post directions???? Im directionally challanged! hehe