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  1. calif-yz400f

    Anybody home?

    The last post was in April. I think TT is trying to fix that since they are in the new format. I'm still here
  2. calif-yz400f

    Bought a KLX110L!

    Take the pipe off the bike. Look in the end that goes into the cylinder and you will see what looks like a washer to reduce the flow. You want to drill the hole out larger to allow more flow. On the back end take out the screw and remove the baffle. Drill out the holes in the baffle to be larger and/or drill more holes to allow the air to flow better. Take a look at the CHM pipes. Very rugged (survived all three of my boys trashing) and provides great bottom and top end improvement. They are a little LOUD but the performance can't be beat. For a stock motor I've found the CHM, FMF or Stock pipes to be the best. For bore kits any of the big bore pipes are good. I had the BBR D2 on our 150+r Bored bike and it looked great and performed well. I have the std BBR on one of our 110s and it doesn't perform as well as the CHM. I have it on because it is MUCH MUCH quieter for riding around the neighborhood. Good Luck . . .
  3. calif-yz400f

    Which pipe?

    I have a CHM pipe for one stocker and it runs great. Constant diameter head pipe to keep the low end torque. Built strong and priced right. The only down side is IT IS VERY VERY LOUD. Easily as loud as our CRF150Rs. Great perfomance though and comes std with spark arrestor. Check them out: http://www.chmexhaust.com/ Good luck . . .
  4. calif-yz400f

    Serious Bog/Hesitation

    I would guess a carb/jet/air filter problem not a pipe problem. You should take the carb off to see what size jets and then clean the pilot and main. With an aftermarket pipe and airbox mod or pod filter I would start with 42 pilot 85 or 90 main for a stock motor with a pipe. Bogging is almost always a jetting issue. Good luck . . .
  5. calif-yz400f

    Bought a KLX110L!

    You just spent over $2K on the bike, spend $80-$125 on the craddle and have piece of mind. You're a big guy to be landing on pegs designed for a 12 yr old. Here is a link for Cat5 or HRC. Both are made by Cat5. Tbolt is a great seller too. I have this on both my bikes. $125 This one is powdercoated: http://www.tboltusa.com/store/cat-cradle-mount-frame-110-p-490.html?osCsid=03f5b600a49b75733d7a1783ed556ee3 Similiar design a little cheaper. $79 This one is painted: http://www.tboltusa.com/store/hrc-cradle-mount-frame-110-p-819.html?osCsid=03f5b600a49b75733d7a1783ed556ee3
  6. calif-yz400f

    Looking for rolling chassis

    You can get a frame for $200 from BBR in their garage section. Good luck . . . http://www.bbrmotorsports.com/Products/Products.aspx
  7. calif-yz400f

    Bought a KLX110L!

    It will fit no problem. I bought that exact same kit (gun metal gray) for both our 110s and it is really nice. Puts the handlebars up in a better position for adult riders.
  8. calif-yz400f

    06 KLX 110 help

    You might be OK with the 40 pilot. I run 42 pilot 85 main in CA elevation from 0-1500ft. Try it with the 40/90 settings to see. I've found the pilot makes more of difference than the main.
  9. calif-yz400f

    Bought a KLX110L!

    The KX65 forks will need aftermarket triple clamps or modification to the KLX110 triple clamps. The KX60 fit with your existing clamps no mods needed. You would be better off just getting the TBR extensions like mentioned above for your stock forks. The KX60 or KX65 will need mods to work with your weight. They are meant for really light bikes with even lighter riders. They make springs for them but stock they will be too soft for a big rider. You can get tons of used parts cheap over at www.planetminis.com They have a classified section with tons of aftermarket parts fairly cheap. I've bought motors, parts, seats, shocks, etc from members there fairly cheap. Watch out from scammers though and check the feedback from someone before you buy. Good luck . . .I'm going to stop by the dealer tonight to take a look at one.
  10. calif-yz400f

    Bought a KLX110L!

    KX60 will slide right into your stock triple clamps BUT they will need heavier springs. Remember the KX60 was setup for 50-75lb kids. I would get the Two Brothers longer dampening rods or wait and get a KX65 front end. Before you start jumping replace the stock 8x20mm peg bolt with longer 8-25mm AND/OR add a frame craddle from CAT5 or other to support the pegs. Those pegs have 4 bolts into the motor cases. If they pullout or crack you are done. Get the longer bolts ($3.50) and if you can get a CAT5 craddle ($125ish). Best first 2 mods you can do besides jetting. Good luck those new L's look awesome . . .
  11. calif-yz400f

    engines only 170cc big bore kit??

    I don't have the Engines Only 170 kit but it is on my list this summer to get. I have heard from literally dozens of people that Frank at Engines Only is "The Man" when it comes to customer service and support. I called Frank to ask for advice on a Powroll kit on a DRZ125 that I bought and he spent 1/2 hour on the phone helping me even though it was not his kit and he wasn't selling me a single thing. That is Customer Service in my mind. That and Engines Only is 30 miles from me, means Frank will be big boring our 150R this summer. Good Luck . . .
  12. calif-yz400f

    2008 150 r small wheel

    I bought a used 2008 CRF150R small wheel for my 12yr old. At the same time I bought a new Big Wheel set and swingarm. After 3 rides we swapped out the small wheels for the big wheels. If I had to do it over I should have just bought the large wheel version and lowered the forks/rear shock or shaved the seat if it was too tall. The big wheel version is only about an 1.5" taller at the center of the seat. Go big wheel . . . good luck
  13. calif-yz400f

    06 KLX 110 help

    Here you go: http://www.powroll.com/PDF/2007%20-%20NEW/CARBS/20539.pdf
  14. calif-yz400f

    06 KLX 110 help

    To be honest I haven't tried it without raising the needle with the #2 washer. It might be a bit lean without raising it. It is super easy to jet and put the carb back on and try it. Then take the throttle body off and raise the needle and try again.
  15. calif-yz400f

    CRF150RB vs. MOD112cc 2 Stroke Debate

    You are right that a pro on a CRF150RB might beat a kid on a supermini, but not sure that is a fair comparison. Having Villapoto take a timed lap on the 150R then a timed lap on a 112cc modded supermini might be better comparison. In a random group of top level amaturs you will have some faster on a 150R and some faster on a 112cc, mostly because of the different abilities within that group. It would be interesting to take the same kid rider and time a lap or two on the 150r then a lap or two on the supermini to see if there is any difference with the same rider. I know from experience that the same kid is faster on a 150r than a CR85r as we have both and both are stock, but with the extra power and torque of the 112cc kit and the reduced weight over a 150r, it would be interesting to see. Good post . . .