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  1. Are you talking about the main swingarm shaft, or the linkage?
  2. Liquor

    Noise when kicking over

    I've had this happen a few times. I have an 05 with 100 hours on it with no probs. Someone else may have the answer to why this happens. Good Luck Liquor
  3. Liquor

    chain slider, excessive wear

    Get a TM Designworks slider, I've had mine on my CRF450 for 1.5 years with hardly any wear. I got mine at Scott's Performance in Montrose CA.
  4. Liquor

    Bike makes explosions when try to start...

    I second cleaning the carb/fuel areas. Sounds like old gas sitting in the float.
  5. Liquor

    CRF envy

    I go to the latest posts and pick interesting topics to look at, whether CRF or others.
  6. Liquor

    Help Break In

    Another thing, change oil alot for the life of the bike, that is what keeps these great bikes running for a long time.
  7. Liquor

    Help Break In

    I agree with WeDaFaKaWe on this one. Riding normally is a good thing, getting up to speed, then COASTING down to a stop is good for the decompression stroke of the piston/rings too. Don't wring it out on the stand, just let it warm up good before you ride. Use non-synthetic oil for at least the first few hours of riding to ensure good ring break in.
  8. Liquor

    Wanted 03 CRF450R stock silencer

    Look around for aftermarket mufflers, the slip-on's are cheaper than OEM. Will an 05 OEM muffler fit yours? If so, I will sell you my 05 muffler for a good price. PM me if you confirm the fit. Liquor
  9. Liquor

    what trans oil????

    Use it, it's good stuff. I use it in trans only.
  10. Liquor

    New look for my WR

    Looks clean. Don't overdo it on the graphics.
  11. Liquor

    08 crf450r Fuel Injected or not?

    I heard this too
  12. Liquor

    Gorman 10/6

    Man, your tongue must hurt being pressed against the cheek like that!
  13. Liquor

    Santa Clarita Date Question

    If she doesn't want to kiss, ROOST her. Liquor