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  1. mxa2602

    Chain Adujusting Bolt

    For some reason, I'm having difficulty turning over the the chain adjusting bolts to adjust my chain. I can't really adjust my chain without having to strip the head of the bolt with the 10 mm wrench. It seems like it seized in place or something. I tried using WD40 and it turns over a little. Any suggestions? Have any of you had similar situations trying to adjust the chain? Thanks, Steve
  2. mxa2602

    Trouble pulling engine out of frame!

    That is what my friend said to do, of course; he was drunk and really wanted to do it himself. Thanks Kelstr & DH367, I pulled the swingarm back out and the engine came right out.
  3. mxa2602

    Trouble pulling engine out of frame!

    Thanks, I will try that but I just need to be careful not to damage the valves and cam chain when taking it out.
  4. Hi All, I'm having trouble pulling the engine out of the frame by myself and i'm following the instructions given in the service manual. It is pretty tight inside the frame and its difficult for me to pull it out alone. DO you guys have any other helpful hints besides getting another person to help me get it out? Any helpful hints would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  5. mxa2602

    Transmission Problem

    Yes, it seems like the shift lever is binding up against the case. After close examining the gear with the lever off, it looks fine. I'm not sure if its the bearing inside the case.
  6. mxa2602

    Transmission Problem

    Hey Guys, I recently been having trouble shifting from 2nd gear to 3rd gear and up. Sometimes it goes into 3rd and 4th gear but can't seem to get it to work everytime. I do know is that my shifter is bent but I can't tell if that is what causing the shifting problem. The shifter seems to get stuck at the top. Do you guys think it's a internal problem or do you think it's the shifter? The last thing I want to do is split the cases to have it looked at. Any suggestions would be great. Thanks, Steve