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    Alrighty, again I agree with Learning2fly If you enjoy what you are doing, who cares what anyone thinks about you doing what you love? Firecracker, if I came on too strong, I apologize, Thats great I'm glad to hear it and I truly hope it works out Ok, I've been married to Whtrino for almost 8 years and have known him for about 10, I also know him well enough that I know not too much thought went into his response because being a "guy" he says what he does and doesn't think about how one may interpret what he says. He was all smiles when I showed him the thread just laughing about some DS salesman giving a woman the run around. Not much more thought goes into it but he just felt the need to express that, "That's a shame thats just the way it is sometimes." It doesn't go any deeper than that. aggrivating sometimes I know, but thats him, it doesn't make him an arsewipe of a man. Now to address my experience with stereotype's; lets just say I worked for a major camouflage company for 3 years, Men were salary, woman were time-clocked. It was known that the general idea by all men (lots of "pig" like attitude towards them as well) were that women were secretary's. I got a paycheck I played the game. Shouldn't have had too but here again "thats a shame thats just the way it is" I played the game so well, I was actually allowed to create major designs and my opinion was sought out by these same men. Lets say that by the end of the first year I was the only women to be invited on hunts, I'm almost confident I am still the only one that ever worked there that achieved this "status." I didn't need to be rash about it, it was so subtle, I'm not sure anyone even noticed, but they slowly but surely accepted me as "more" than a secretary. I could talk college football and hunting with the best of em' but never went out of my way to "prove" that I was one of the "guys!" Don't get me wrong, it was infuriating and Whtrino ranted and raged over the way I was being treated, but why get bent out of shape about it, some will see the errors of their ways and be better for it and if they don't s*it happens! Trust me don't read into it. I mean guys for whatever reason need "guy" things, I don't feel the need to come in guns blazing trying to take away this "guy" thing feeling, by trying to prove to him I can do it too. If I like it and can, then I will, but like I said before I have nothing to prove. With this said Sorry I had to laugh there at the end. This speaks VOLUMES about you! Please explain my insecurities again. If you are basing this solely on my "turn the other cheek" attitude its because I think a lot more is accomplished when you remain calm and deal with things subtly. Its always worked for me! I'm not insecure about being treated as an equal, I am an equal and I know it! There is nothing to prove if this is the case. All I'm saying if you are secure in believing you are an equal, what is the problem? There's stupid everywhere: "You can't fix stupid!" As for my husband, my "real" man, he's the most incredible, supporting, kind and sensitive man I've ever met, he doesn't need to wear it on his sleeve, only I need to see it, I'm put on a pedestal which I know I do not deserve (lets not let this get out) He's an incredible husband and a fantastic father. I'm so lucky and I count my blessings everyday! I wish everyone could be in a relationship with a "real" man like him, I know the world would be a better place. But since you've tried to bash that as well, I don't think your all that capable of understanding this relationship, but then again you don't have too.
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    Firecraker : Wow where to begin, you’ve got problems with men and just seem to have a knack for finding all the bad ones. I feel sorry for you…I do, but I’m wondering what it is that you need to prove. I’m with Learning2fly Whtrino says that dirtbikes are one of the last Male dominated sports left, case in point…it is! I know that, I’m ok with it, I’ve got nothing to prove, so I can look back and say “Hey, this is pretty neat, this is a “guy” thing and my husband wants me involved so that we can share his “guy thing” with me. But nope, you just have to go and bash it … my question is Why? Why were you in your riding gear at a store? To be seen? (It takes 2 seconds to throw on a sweatshirt and jeans) Here’s something, if I saw you at Cosco first, I would have been the one elbowing Whtrino to point you out asking him “what do you think she needs to prove?” What if they were elbowing each other because they thought, “hey, that’s pretty cool, look at her.” You just assume the “guy” ;is the bad one. Looks to me like you are. Riding IS a man’s sport, just as field hockey is a women's. There are more men racing motorcycles and there are more woman playing field hockey. Why does this bother you so much? I ride, I enjoy it, I’m not made fun of or called a dyke, or damn if anyone I know puts me on a smaller bike because I’m a woman (if that were only the case) I’ve got nothing to prove so I guess I just don’t have that chip on my shoulder that some of you seem too. If you like what your doing that much, then just enjoy it at ignore what you perceive others are thinking about you. You said Should have, your right, but if he was not knowledgeable or a good salesperson (he sounds like neither) then give him a small lesson and move on. Tell him your fine, look at the bike you want and give your commission to someone else. It’s pretty simple As for the “last stronghold of male hood” , who said it was bad for woman to shop for bikes, or ride them (are you putting words into Whtrino’s mouth? Would seem that way to me) Why do women like you do this??? As a woman, it is sad, are woman so insecure that they feel the need to kill “guy” things? "Your only problem," no offense but who are you? Yes, men do need to dominate a few areas, lets use the Infantry as an example which is strictly male dominated (and believe me it’s a good thing) Woman want desperately to be combat infantry, they are not thinking on the grander scheme of things. I don’t want a woman fighting next to a man, first off they are a distraction to each other PERIOD (it goes both ways) but the most important is the fact that (and believe it or not) some things men can do better and are more capable of doing than woman! My husband is 6’ 220 lbs, I’m a pretty strong woman 5’9” 135 lbs and if something were to happen to him in combat, there is No way in the world I would be able to sling him over my shoulder with both our combat loads and bring him to safety. There’s no arguing this issue, as a woman I cannot physically do it. So YES, men need to dominate something! I like my “Woman doctors” to be woman and I like my hair cut by woman, does this make me a bad person or is it just a personal preference? Some of you sure are quick to point fingers and yell “He’s a male chauvinistic pig!” at anyone of the opposite sex expressing his preferences. I think that’s why romance novels are so popular, people like obvious man bashers have wuss-ified men and “guy things” so much that they have become a dying breed. (I pride myself on having one of the last “real” men.) You can only read about them in romance novels because heaven forbid they be allowed to be GUYS! I’m not saying all guys are great and need to be worshiped but not all women are great and need to be put on a pedestal either. Isn’t the “Thumpette forum” for woman? Why do woman riders want or need a place to call their “own” amongst all the supposedly “guy” things here at TT? I’ve seen many a woman moan and groan about men being in here. Why not go to Town Square and be equals if your comfortable with what you do? I’m sick of the man bashing, especially when my husband is involved because he stated his opinion on why he likes buying tools and motorcycle’s from men and pointing out something as obvious as motorcycle racing as being male-dominated. Go out and have fun riding, you'll feel better I promise. Ok, Off my Soap Box! {Sorry D – I know you can defend yourself, but it really ticks me off when people act like some of the "Thumpettes" did here.
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    Ok, where to even start on this. Obviously, I’m a little peeved about the responses some of you have the gall to make against Whtrino. He stated his opinion on a subject matter that is so silly (I wish I never showed him it) that it seems like it was made in the Thumpette forum solely for the purpose to male bash, which is aggravating in and of itself. If you wanted an answer to your question about the way you “felt” you were being treated as a female customer, why not post it in Town Square? Because you knew you wouldn’t get all the support you’d get with coming here and getting a man hater for sure? As much as you scream and point that men are sexist (this sales person in particular) you’ve completely negated the fact that it could be you who is the sexist along with a few others, (we can all see Firecracker has a chip on her shoulder) You just assume you were being treated poorly by this salesman when it could easily have been a simple fact that he was new at selling bikes (did you ask?). You said He could have been a bad salesman or maybe just inexperienced and told by more experienced salespeople that most women like the 230 (it happens to be a great little bike), did you talk to him about your riding skills or preferences or were you reserved and didn’t say much? You told him you rode the TTR225 (mine was an XR250- doesn’t mean I was comfortable on it, it just means that that’s the first bike I rode that it was someone else’s but enough to get me interested to go to a shop and look at a few) how would the salesman know; unless you told him? Whtrino goes into a dealership and will initiate a conversation so they know for sure that he knows what he wants and if you didn’t do this then the “bad/inexperienced/plain ignorant” salesperson thought that maybe he was doing you a favor. Sounds to me you jumped to conclusions and just assumed you were being treated the way you were for the sole reason that you were a woman. Who’s the sexist in this case, why are some women like that??? All these problems with salespeople – “We’ve” had the same experiences, they’re salespeople, not all of them are grand, as a matter of fact I can’t think of one, over the last 10 years that have sold us bikes, vehicles, homes, etc. that have been “good.” The fact is I want the bike, I want the vehicle, I want the house and we make it work. I’ve had a car salesman get stupid blunt with us when Whtrino and I were looking for a vehicle. The salesman looked straight at me and said, “I can see you want quality?” Well DUH, no I want a POS that is unreliable! Whtrino and I were together, the salesman wasn’t being sexist he was just plain dumb! I’ve had my share of men making stupid conclusions about women; I’ve had my share of woman doing the same thing. Life's to short to get all bent out of shape about what you percieve to be wrong.
  4. MrsWhtrino

    CRF230 case guard?

    Ok, Whtrino has pointed me the way of these damnable dirtbikes , and has just bought me a CRF230. I am sickened myself about the fact that I am totally hooked! I love the damn thing, and have taken my first "real" trailride today on a HareScramble course from earlier this season. (I'm still rattled over the places that they took me and the things I have done ) Its been raining for weeks which made leaves and mud slicker than whale snot (I'm told by Whtrino that whale snot is the slickest thing he can think of). Anyhow, the case guard that came stock with the CRF I was told by Whtrino sucked and should have been taken off first thing, but Newbie that I am I want to keep everything the way it is until it's proven it needs to be changed. (Cutting handle bars for example...ok, lets just say they're 1.5 in shorter!) Well I get back home tonight and am trying to figure out just how much mud, leaves, sticks, rocks, etc, can get that jammed behind the case guard and into the chain. It's Obvious I need to take the plastic POS off and I can see there is some protection to protect the casing, but do I need something heavier duty to help and if so where can I buy it? I'm not finding a lot of after market products for a CRF230. I hope I am making sense....Thank you much.
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    Hancock WNYOA Sept 9th?

    Heading to Hancock this weekend, we're camping with a youngin' for the first time. Anyone been there and can tell us what to expect or heading there this weekend? Don't want to get there and find out that the campgrounds are like the Cayuga County race (L&D's Revenge) and there be nothing but hills and gopher holes to set the tent up on! Thanks! P.S. Whtrino wants to know what the course is like, but thats not too important to me, he can fend for himself! All I have to do is yell at him to go faster and take pictures