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  1. monkeymotocross

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    Yea 2012 sx250!
  2. monkeymotocross

    Motorex 10W50 4T motor oil in 2 stroke?

    2012 sx250 - shell rotella! 20 hours no problems. Mixing oil I use Motorex
  3. monkeymotocross

    Trade my 012 300exc in for a 013 300exc or 500exc

    what about those 2015's!
  4. monkeymotocross

    2012 250SX @ 30 hours ride time...

    Which bolt is that I should check mine out?
  5. monkeymotocross

    2012 250SX @ 30 hours ride time...

    Hey everyone, I ride a 2012 sx250 and have about 10 hours on it, I greased my rear suspension when it was bran new before I rode it and after 10 hours I just got my suspension re-sprung and re valved because the stock stuff was crap, and when I had my shock off I decicded to grease my suspension agian. Well I found it to be totally seized have you guys had your KTM linkage bearings seize up this quick?
  6. monkeymotocross

    2013 info?

    updated body work?
  7. monkeymotocross

    2012 250 SX exhaust

    Yea no problem, A artice in motocross action mag said it gains 7 hp, so we will see
  8. monkeymotocross

    2012 fuel cap leaking

  9. monkeymotocross

    2012 fuel cap leaking

    I have a 2012 sx250 and my friend has a 2012 sx 150 and neither of us haverun into such problem
  10. monkeymotocross

    2012 250 SX exhaust

    I just ordered a pro circuit platinum header with a pro circuit shorty exhaust. Ill give a update when I try it out this is on a 2012 sx 250
  11. monkeymotocross

    suspension swap '12 250sx and '12 350

    The spring rates and valving would be off. I'd say keep the suspensions on each bike...
  12. monkeymotocross

    2012 250sx

    I have a 2012 sx250 with 10 hours on it holding up good so far only had some bolts wiggle loose. coming from a 450 its been a big change but the more i ride it the better it gets, the suspension is pretty bad stock the forks are soft and like to dive, the shock seems to be fine.
  13. monkeymotocross

    2011 or 2012 - 250SX vs 250XC

    I just bought a 2012 sx250 and have 4.2 hours on it, the bike is really nice and light the power is unreal, trail riding is super easy and smooth compared to my 2009 yz450, the sx250 you just put it in 2nd gear in the trails and go, the forks are a bit soft for mx but seem really nice in the trails so far its working out really well, I did the first oil change at 2 hours and just put rotella in her and she seems happy!
  14. monkeymotocross

    08 RMZ 450 + DR D Mod Box.......

    Hello, We have a 2008 rmz450 in our gararge and it is fitted with a drd exhaust and mod box, my dad chose to mount the mod box one his bar pad, because you can change maps simple, and 'it looks cool' haha, it deffentally made the bike run alot cleaner and have alot more top end power. and you got it there extremely simple to install
  15. monkeymotocross

    '06 vs.'07 vs.'08 vs.'09 YZ 450: which do you prefer?

    nope the spokes were fine, the only reason it happened is because I'm pretty sure I had a sport bolt come loose which dammaged the hub. its been a great bike but I am in the market for a 2011-2012 now