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  1. nudemetalz

    DR250 vs DR350 parts interchange?

    The DR250 and DR350 have a different bore and stroke so the barrels and heads are not interchangeable because of the sleeves. Also the carbs and ignitions are different.
  2. nudemetalz

    Head torque settings for a DRZ250

    Thanks Pete !!
  3. nudemetalz

    Head torque settings for a DRZ250

    Thanks very much, Pete. I must come clean and say that this is for my NZ-250 roadbike which utilises the same engine but no info is available as they are a jap-domestic model. Thanks heaps again, Chris (all the way from NZ) BTW This is what they look like. Excellent roadbike !!
  4. Hiya, Can anyone here please tell me the bolt torque settings for the head on the DRZ-250 ? Many thanks, Chris