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  1. dtorbett13

    What city in Calif do you live in? 4 ride hook up

    Lemon Grove, only ride south of the border though. Any ride under 400 miles is for beginners.
  2. dtorbett13

    I NEED A Real Bike maybe a WR250F

    Man why go with the yamaha, when you can go Red. Gauldo was talking about never being beaten, let him come drag me and my 250x, out of the box the x is better, not to mention all the extras you can put on it for not a lot of money.
  3. dtorbett13

    How many of you would buy another CRF250R/X?

    It's a little to small for me now, this was my get back into riding bike, but I would never leave Honda, a 450 or 650 will be my next choice
  4. dtorbett13

    girlfriends 250x needs lowered

    My father in-law got an 04 crf450 and took it to Baja designs in Escondido, CA he had it completely built for Baja riding, but one of the things he did was had it lowered 4 inches which is a lot, he did not sacrifice any handling or travel at all. I can get there number if you want to see exactly what they did.
  5. yeah I just bought the ProCircut Ti4 system for mine, but the only reason is because I started racing and I need all I can get, if not for price diff. between a 250r system and an aftermarket system I would stay with the 250r it's right there with everyone else.
  6. dtorbett13

    250X any good for jumping

    watch out i shattered my femur on a 100' triple on the x, it's not a track set up, made for the desert and Baja.
  7. dtorbett13

    HOT Cam 250X

    I put the stage1 cam, cut the air box along the pattern, put the R exhaust on, removed the pink wire and re-geared my bike for more Baja, but it has made a huge difference, I clocked it stock at 77mph and now it clocked at 91mph. It makes a world of difference, for the money its the best thing you can do. Your going to spend over $1200 to get a little more out of it if you go another way.
  8. I have a stock 250x system, a stock 250r system, and a power bomb for a 250r, let me know if you still need something.
  9. When I first wanted to put an exhaust system on my 250x I was told the 250r is one of the best systems for the x.