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  1. speedster

    2007kx 450 base valve

    hey im going to change springs and replace oil seals i un screwed base valve from top fork nut. will this affect any thing in cartridge.i dont know how to change that oil thanks larry first time at this.when you refill outer tube do you fill it thru air bleed hole?sorry youve probably heard these questions a hundred times dont have the manual just a 2007 yamaha manual bought this bike used
  2. speedster

    2007 kx 450 smoke

    4500 thiers another one on craigs list in denver colorado 3500 check it out
  3. speedster

    2007 kx 450 smoke

    hey guys i just bought a used 2007 2007 kx 450f i noticed when cold he started and chocked 2 kicks it started some smoke out the exhaust and took off choke and went away right away about 32 degrees outside he said bike hasent been run in 2 months. is this something i shoukd be worried about thanks larry
  4. where is the cartridge in relation to base vavle and can i leave forks in place thanks larry
  5. 2007 kx 450 on the fork springs can i bleed air out top and remove base valve without draining oil and removing forks just putting in stiffer springs. on the rear shock how hard is it to remve spring and replace with another thanks larry
  6. speedster

    triple clamps

    looking for someone that makes top clamp 2007 wr450 need one that pushs bar forward and at least 15 mm tall. the only one ive found is applied racing and brp any others thanks larry in colorado
  7. hi im larry in erie live in vista ridge. have a 2007 wr 450f yamaha. used to ride motocross but i want to slow down and do trails. usaully ride imi track ready for change i can ride saturday and sunday. e mail or call 303 500 2116 thanks larry
  8. hey eddie i put a 52 pilot in and it ran perfect
  9. hey eddie need help jetting has 155 main and 50 pilot. after 2 minutes idling it blow anti freeze overflow tube. altitute 5300 i think min is too lean thinking about a 158. i questioned dealer today when bike was thier thet said this is corrct jet set up. need help on over heat isue also head pipe was cherry red. yoshimera pipe . brand new bike never run yet thanks larry
  10. currently its set up as follows main 160 pilot 50 needle set on #4. mods grey wire cut throttle stop done exhaust pea shooter pulled out ais blocked off.i had a 2006 yz 450 it was close to this 162 main 48 pilot #3 on needle. just curious if the settings on the wr are correct thanks larry
  11. speedster

    2006 450 3rd gear jump

    no erie
  12. speedster

    2006 450 3rd gear jump

    hey guys when ihit the double step up with the 2004 450 no problem clearing but with 2006 450 i cant quite clear it. the transmission ratios show same for 2004 and 2006. the jump is about 65 feet. anyone else run into this? thanks larry
  13. speedster

    footpegs for tall guys

    system tech engineering will be out with a lower peg bracket in about a month on the 2006 yamaha 450f. www.systemtechracing.com
  14. speedster

    footpegs for tall guys

    www.gutsracing.com or wait 3 months for sdgusa to come out with seat.
  15. speedster

    footpegs for tall guys

    hey guys have a 2006 yamaha yz 450 f . im 6 4 tall need to lower pegs. already flipped springs and cut pins in stock pegs. already ordered tall seat from guts racing,already raised handlebars with custom risers and windam bend pro tapers. looking for lowering kit for footpegs. system tech engineering are going to make some . but who knows when they will be done.any other sources you guys know of? thanks larry in colorado