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  1. thead-man

    Stolen Quad!!!

    Not looking for sympathy, Just what to get the word out. I live in NW Las Vegas and had my truck stolen with my quad in the back. They found the truck (Or what was left of it) a couple of days later. But now quad. It is a '05 Yamaha Bruin 350. Has a black gear back on the back rack FULL of everything I might need if I break down. Has a small basket bungeed to the seat in the bag for my dog to sit in when we are hunting and a Gun Rack on a piece of plywood on the front rack. Also have a come-a-long and a short shovel strapped to the front. Has blue fuel tank bags and a RAM GPS mount on the handle bars. Got a green Utah sticker on the back left and an orange flag. Blue grips, extra spot lights on the front. Has a cracked right foot board on the front side. Really hope to find it. The company insurance doesn't cover it since it is personal stuff and home owners won't cover cause it is a "motor operated vehicle" Both sound like BS to me. The best thing to do would be to find it. Otherwise I am really going to be out. They took the hitch to my toy hauler to. so now my daughter can't ride either. This Blows!!! Thanks for any help. :worthy:
  2. thead-man

    Kawasaki Salavage Yard

    Does anyone know of a salavage yard for ATV parts? I need an engine and trans. for my '04 bayou. the bike is worn, so I don't really want to dump a lot of money in to it. thanks.
  3. thead-man

    Lost Power in my Bruin

    No I didn't check that, It runs fine. just not as fast as it uesd to. Are you thinking a cracked head?
  4. thead-man

    Yamaha Lost Power in my Bruin

    So I went on a long ride a few weeks ago. Finally found that I can go 60 miles before I hit res. on the tank. On the way back I rode hard and at the top for about 12 miles. The last few miles I started to lose power and was going slower and slower. It didn't seem that I broke anything. Changed the oil, and it didn't look like anything was in there. Cleaned the air filter but ever since I can't get above 40 when I used to be able to do 50. Any ideas as to why?? Changed the plug also. Thought I changed all that I could but still not the same power. Still runs fine at the slower speeds. Seems to climb like always. Just really weird. It is a '05 350 2x4 Bruin Any thoughts at all?? Thanks
  5. thead-man

    Shop In Vegas

    WOW, Doesn't anyone care about how they run their business anymore? Is this town big enough now that there are enough people out there that no one has to take care of the customer anymore?? Think that I will take my problems out of town to get fixed. Well that I is if Mike at GV ATV & Cycle doesn't come through today. I am taking my quad to him later. As far as a good machine shop. We have used "Gilbert Machine" On industrial at work for a lot of stuff. They are busy also. sometimes it takes longer than they said, but they do good work. don't know if they would do bike parts, but it wouldn't hurt to call them.
  6. thead-man

    Shop In Vegas

    Rancho & Lamb??? The same guys??? If thats the case, I'm not even going to by my gloves there anymore.
  7. thead-man

    Shop In Vegas

    Well I went and picked up my quad. "ATV Cycle Sports" Craig & Lamb in Vegas. DON'T GO THERE!!!! I stripped a bolt and asked them to heli-coil it. Nothing major. Just pop the air cleaner out of the way and simple straight shot to tap it. The busted the crankcase, then called me and blamed it on me. Got my quad back in pieces. Can't belive those guys. In my opinion, they totally blew it and stuck it to me. I would never tell anyone to ever use them for anything. I really need a honest shop now.
  8. thead-man

    gps software dirtbiking

    I have a garmin also and I use the MapSource Topo. Seems to have the stuff I want. I don't make trails to follow. I just go where ever and the download where I have been and what I want to go back and see. I pick a few spots that I try to get to. But have to find a way to get there. Love it though
  9. Yep It was fried. Garmin gave me a new one though. Put the board back in line and everything is like sea shells and ballons. Thanks for the help. I love this place.
  10. thead-man

    Shop In Vegas

    Hey, I need some help. I pulled the biggest bone head move of my life and stripped a bolt on my motor. I took it to a shop over by Craig & Lamb. They don't even want to mess with it. That is all I want to say about that. Anyway, I need to find a shop that I can trust. I don't mind doing my own work sometimes, but sometimes I need Mr. Goodwrench for my quad. The one quad that I need worked on is a Kawasaki 250 Bayou. Does anyone have a shop that they would recomend??? I live on the NW end and would like to find one that is near there. But will drive to Utah for a shop I can trust. Thanks for any help.
  11. thead-man

    Ca. Green/Red Sticker solution

    Thanks for the info on the stickers. We are going to Cal in a couple of weeks and weren't sure what was needed. Think that I will just wait until I get there and buy one from a ranger. that way he or she can tell me more about the area and what to expect. I for one would not mind paying $21 for a 2 year sticker if they would open up the north end of the valley again. I used to love the quick drop off and a nice ride after work. Now I have to load up and get out of site just to ride. BS I think.
  12. thead-man

    Replacement Starter Button

    OK Who is "Moose" and "Bent Bike" and how do I get parts from them???
  13. thead-man

    Starter on 250 bayou

    Hello all. I am having problems with my 250 starting. It just went out very quickly. When I hit the button. No start, no clicking. it just seems dead. Pull starts fine. I ran a wire from both sides of the relay and when I have the key on and touch the wires it fires right up. So I what I am asking is do you think the relay is bad or the switch??? Thanks for any help.
  14. I can get that grease at Radio Shack? Or Ace. Thanks Again
  15. Ok So I take your advise and go check the fuse. I put in a big 15 amp since thats all I had, in the holder on my ride. Poof it works again. Cool. Thanks. So I go do the same thing with my cord in the truck, still no luck. Man I hate ele. problems. But thanks for the tip.