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  1. nomotornofun

    Looking to buy first pitbike

    what's the difference between OGM and pitster? they're bikes look exactly the same just different graphics
  2. nomotornofun

    Looking to buy first pitbike

    thanks ncc that previous post with the two bikes was very helpful and about how much will the x4r10 cost me? and where can i order it?
  3. nomotornofun

    Looking to buy first pitbike

    thanks that what i wanted to know
  4. nomotornofun

    Looking to buy first pitbike

    well i was thinking of ordering from outlaw and im not in a hurry to get the 150. i just wanted to know if i can just change out the whole engine and get the 150 later on if i feel like i want to get more power from my bike
  5. nomotornofun

    Looking to buy first pitbike

    ok after reading through other threads and posts i think im settling with an x2 and im gunna order from outlaw powersports is there anyone who's gotten an x2 from them at a cheaper price than what it says on their site? also, is there any mods that can be done to the 140cc engine of the x2? or if its possible to buy a whole new motor (like the 150 or 160) and fit it in the x2?
  6. nomotornofun

    Looking to buy first pitbike

    thanks i'll look into them it seems like the x4 is more popular then the x2 but i want something that sounds like a big bike but feels like a 50. so would the x2 be the better choice? im getting tempted into getting an x4 but i still want that "small bike" feel
  7. nomotornofun

    Looking to buy first pitbike

    are the OGM pitbikes reliable? i never really looked into them i was thinking about just settling with the x4 just because it'll be more comfortable but i still want to have fun riding something small like the x2 haha it isnt that cramped riding the x2 is it?
  8. nomotornofun

    Looking to buy first pitbike

    so im finally looking into purchasing my first pitbike mainly just to mess around with and have fun on. and maybe go to the track once in a while or hit small jumps here and there. i was drawn into the sport 2 years ago but never had the money to actually get one so i lost interest. now im addicted to it again and surprised to see how far the sport has gone. 2 years back i considered getting either the pitster pro which i believe had a 125 gpx engine or the extreme crIII. and now it looks like pitster is still going strong with the x2 and x4 and so on. ive been browsing around this forum and im thinking of settling with a pitster but cant really decide between the x2 or and x4. i was set on the x2 but it looks like most people have the x4 im only 5'7 130lbs and just looking to have fun on something small so is the x2 a good buy for what i want? im only considering the x4 cause its a little bigger and because im thinking of getting it with a 150. im just concerned with how stable each one is with jumps, not big ones though sorry for the long post but i havent posted anything on here in years! any help is appreciated
  9. nomotornofun

    Race info in SoCal

    im goin there this friday...
  10. nomotornofun


    what do u guys think of billetware's new frame? is it worth the money?
  11. nomotornofun


    like you know those 110 and 125cc kits? which one is the best and most reliable?
  12. nomotornofun


    how come no one would answer this question???
  13. nomotornofun


    i live in baldwin park but i dont wanna take it anywhere where i have to pay so i just want help on how to do it myself but if anyone is willing to help that would be great.
  14. nomotornofun


    is there a website that would offer procedures to help me better understand what im supposed to do so that i wouldnt mess anything up?
  15. nomotornofun


    for the 06 pitster pro