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  1. reg

    help pit bike problem

    hi mate,if when you first start the bike you get some black smoke out of th exhaust it is to rich,but check the condencer and look at the earth wire,if this is loose or rusty,it will not let the spark plug fire proply,you will get to much fuel in the carb and then it will bog,hope this helps
  2. reg

    thumpstar/pit bikes with throttle problems

    have a look at the spark plug,if its realy sooty,it could be that it is running rich,dont change any settings on your carb,it will be a bad earth,not letting the plug spark proply,check the wires on th condenser,also when you start it see if you get black smoke out the exhaust,this is also a sign that its to rich
  3. reg

    Engine mud guard

    hi mate, i can send pics,all iv done is cut out a mudflap out of what a trampalean is made of,you dont get any mud,it realy makes a diff,just dont use anything to thick or it will catch on the sump guard and you wont be able to steer,good luck
  4. reg

    power off road

    if you do go with it make sure you drain the oil out the engine as its only shipping oil
  5. reg

    power off road

    hi mate me and two of my mates got the same bike,that is the price you pay,i think you ring for top price,if you fill in the order form you will get the pre order price,they are well worth the wate,ithink the christmas rush cought them out
  6. reg


    hi mate have a look at poweroffroad.com,if you do the pre order option you can save 100s,me and three of my mates have the rampage pit bike 110,dont beleve all cheap ones are crap,most probly are but these have been raced,thashed,jumped,dropped,and all that we had is two flat tyres,
  7. reg

    spark plug colour

    hi all, my friends pit bike will start up fine from cold,after about 20mins it will cut out,it runs very hot,and wont kick start no matter how fast you kick it,does this sound like its to lean,the spark plug is very sooty and it onlyhad about 6 tanks through it,after it has cooled down it will start thanks in advance mark
  8. reg

    Pit Bike Problems

    hi, me and two of my friends got a rampage pit bike from poweroffroad,we went with the pre order option you have to wate a month for delivery,you can chose next day,but it cost 480,we payed 240,we have jumped them raced them,used then and abused them,and they have only had 2 flat tyres,
  9. reg

    tyre choice

    hi chaps, im looking for a new rear tyre,iv got a 2.50/10",will a 2.75/10 fit on the same wheel?the innertube is a 2.75/10,will i need to change it to a 3.00/10 if i go with the 2.75/10 tyre?i dont race i go scrambling,so i need a tyre that gives good grip on hard packed slippy clay and wet leaves,also puntcher resistant :thumbsup:also what pressure do you go with all round,iv got 18psi in rear/16psi in front thanks for any help merry christmas and a happy new year to all
  10. reg

    tyre slip

    hi chaps, im new to bikes and so would like some help,my pit bike tyre keeps slipping in the hub and ripping the valve off it says to put 18psi in the rear,the only way i can stop it is to have 30+psi, it feels very hard,have you got any tipps,also how do you know how much tension should be in your chain thanks for any help mark
  11. reg

    Build Quailty...

    hi mate,i cant answer your question coz i dont know,but dont forget this is a mostly American forum so most will be in bed
  12. reg


    i will nip to the bike shop tomoz and have a look for some,
  13. reg


    thanks mate
  14. reg


    hi chaps, iv got a foam fillter on my bike,and its glued to the bit that fits on the carb,what do you use to clean them as i think petrol will melt the glue,also is it ok to spray it with wd40 after, thanks
  15. reg

    winter cleaning

    thanks for all the good advice guys,do you clean it everytime it gets dirty?i used to race 1/8 rallycross cars and that needed to be cleand after every race,