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  1. Pro60modman

    help me: putting Cr80 forks on the xr 100

    sweet ima go to teh machine shop monday thx
  2. Pro60modman

    help me: putting Cr80 forks on the xr 100

    lowering the forks is cake i want to know if the stem is the same diameter or different
  3. I dont have them yet but what will i have to modify? Will the bbr style tappered bearings i have on the stock tube, slide on the steering tube on these? Or will i have to grind the stock races down or add material? XR frame is 2003 Forks are 98 Here they are
  4. what is the smallest width wise? I am making some homemade double bars for a goped and and want the bars to be no more than 9 inches apart. Ive been thinking about pw50 clamps. Oh yeah they have to be clamp stlye not like a crf50 style top clamp. This is basically what im trying to accomplish, ive done it before but it was too wide cause i used some old RM 125 clamps so i need to know where some smaller ones are http://img367.imageshack.us/my.php?image=img2075small8wu.jpg
  5. its not your ankles that are gunna hurt its your knees....
  6. Im in Jeffersonville Indiana and yeah a Monster T fork wouldnt hurt
  7. Pics from a Current race a new class was added to Go-ped racing, motard uhh Rule "any stand up, single speed, 'scooter' under 65cc's" check out the glorified 50! the Open 30 class crashes and jumps Motard class jumps and crashes Yes the Go-ped beat the morini powered 50, with its stock motor and a pipe! Danny the winner speeding over hte double for a victory, blew the 50 away with a stock 4hp motor and pipe This is the primary scooter used in the motard race that kicked the morini powered 50s ass http://www.davesmotors.com/store/gtr.html The race was at Primm
  8. just dont get one of those tiny 3.7V Li-po powered cams they die in cold weather and last 20 minutes at a time BUT the batteries are 6-12 bux on ebay :D i love china
  9. Pro60modman

    XR100 project started (pictures)

    bump. motor almost ready for installation pics in few days
  10. those are some amazing pictures and i would never think to run a toyota corolla piston in a 250 lol but those pictures are awesome!! i love the bikes
  11. Pro60modman

    XR100 project started (pictures)

    rear suspension fits!
  12. Pro60modman

    rat bike wow

    i just noticed the foot PEGS
  13. Pro60modman

    Best American Brand of Truck

    its just a saying, my dad says that alot cause he is a chevy fan but im a ford guy i was just surprised none of the OG's posted it.
  14. Pro60modman

    XR100 project started (pictures)

    yes only mod is a performance exhuast my dad got when i was 2 and a factory option: an engine management computer to bump it to 300hp on the short tracks it eats corvettes alive and the only "lightened" thing on the car is the left rear quarter panel which is fiberglass its white with the heavy duty bumper, 5 speed, yadayada the emblem in the front flew off at 110 on the backside of a race track in Texas **oh and the entire bike is apart, im taking the motor to S&S then ill put it all on the XR100 frame
  15. Pro60modman

    XR100 project started (pictures)

    the china frame cracked near the swing arm and i saw a 03 frame on ebay so i was like what the hell and got it cuase i figured out that the replica wasnt a XR100R4 frame so it must of been a r3 frame the disc setup is off a viva xr100 replica bike more commonly known as the "roketa" bikes its standard OEM disc brake setup so parts are easy to find and im going to switch to a "real" disc and caliper soon after its all together you can call 1-800-913-VIVA and get the fork setup. oh and its exactly the same as the xr100 forks so the BBR springs will work oh and i just mocked up the rear swing arm and its looking good