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    Honda Z50

    It is a 1981 z50, the flywheel has been pulled and cleaned along with the points being checked and gaped. I tested with a volt meter from the flywheel and i am receiving voltage from there but nothing from the end of the spark plug wire, and there is no spark with the plug that is new.
  2. PinnedCRF

    Honda Z50

    I recently got a Z50 for my son that the top end was locked up on. So we purchased a new cylinder, piston, head and cam. When we put the cam in we installed it with both lobs pointing down with the cam gear marks lined up with the motor on TDC. After putting everything elese together the bike will not start or even "hit". my troubleshooting has led me to think is the coil is not putting out a spark since it will not register everytime on a volt meter, but it will register voltage everytime from the fly wheel. My question is would the motor being out of time cause this? of do i have a bad coil?