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    My Rmz450 Has Broken Down ( Possibly Valve Damage )

    There is a very good article with pictures on setting cam chain tension in the "How To" section of the Transworld Motocross Magazine website. Very helpful for someone doing this the 1st time. www.transworldmotocross.com
  2. TNVOL117

    oil level

    Thanks for the info. Anyone have an opinion on which oil is the best? I always used Belray products in the 2 strokes I have owned.
  3. TNVOL117

    oil level

    I just had an 05 RMZ 450 delivered that I bought off of Ebay. No manual with the bike and I was wondering what the proper amount of oil that is needed. I plan on changing the oil before riding it but there is no dipstick or sight glass so I wasn't sure how to check it for proper level.