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  1. Greg Hawk

    2006 Crf450f

    Thanks! That Helps A Lot.. Do I Need To Change The Stock Air Filter?? Also What Does The Stock Gearing Work Best For? Desert Or Track? One More Question... Is U4 Worth The Money? I Ran It In My Crf50s And It Gunked Up My Carbs... Smells Good Though...
  2. Greg Hawk

    2006 Crf450f

    Thank You! Do I Really Need To Do Suspension? I Weigh Approx. 185 And I Ride Primarily At Glamis Sand Dunes.. What Suspension Work Do You Recommend?? I Will Leave The Pipe Then. Besides It Sounds Good And Look Pretty Good Too!
  3. Greg Hawk

    2006 Crf450f

    Which is the best quality pipe and silencer for this bike? From what I have seen White Bros, Yoshi, FMF & Pro Circuit are all good but I don't want to have to experience all of them.. I am looking for low to mid power. Is the $800 White Bros Carbon Fiber Pipe worth the money or is it just bling bling?? Thanks!