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  1. Thanks! That Helps A Lot.. Do I Need To Change The Stock Air Filter?? Also What Does The Stock Gearing Work Best For? Desert Or Track? One More Question... Is U4 Worth The Money? I Ran It In My Crf50s And It Gunked Up My Carbs... Smells Good Though...
  2. Thank You! Do I Really Need To Do Suspension? I Weigh Approx. 185 And I Ride Primarily At Glamis Sand Dunes.. What Suspension Work Do You Recommend?? I Will Leave The Pipe Then. Besides It Sounds Good And Look Pretty Good Too!
  3. Which is the best quality pipe and silencer for this bike? From what I have seen White Bros, Yoshi, FMF & Pro Circuit are all good but I don't want to have to experience all of them.. I am looking for low to mid power. Is the $800 White Bros Carbon Fiber Pipe worth the money or is it just bling bling?? Thanks!