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  1. NECJ is way too lean for my bike. Trying the NEDH instead this week
  2. My 250x was dialed in. Adding parts to the GG now and need to get some time on it since I just picked it up last Friday and only had a short ride. Motor is awesome and I think with a little suspension work it’s going to be a very good race bike.
  3. The 12/13 is heavy, but that also makes it pretty stable like a 4 stroke. Suspension is good on them. The turning radius isn’t as tight as I would have liked. I ended up removing the stop bolts on the frame and inserted some very short headed ones to help. Not a bad bike if you can get a deal on it.
  4. Lol. You never know.
  5. Pretty sure this is what I've had............may be missing a few i'm getting old............. 05 YZ250 06 YZ250 08 YZ250F 08 YZ450F 08 KTM 300XC 09 KTM 200XC 09 RMZ450 09 KTM 250XCF with 280 BB kit 09 KTM 250SXF with HT320 BB kit 11 GasGas 250 Six Days 12 GasGas 300 12 YZ250F with 290 BB kit 13 Husky TXC 250 13 Husky TXC 310 14 Beta 250 RR Race Edition 14 YZ250F 15 YZ250FX 13 KTM 250XC 16 YZ250FX 16 YZ250X 17 Husky FX350 17 KTM 250XC 16 KTM 250XCF x 2 17 YZ250FX with 270 BB kit 16 YZ250X 18 GasGas XC300
  6. Variety is the spice of life! Do you want to hear my 2010-2016 list of bikes lol!
  7. Thanks for the input. I went ahead and bit the bullet for the Gasser and will see it in two weeks. I'm coming from the jap world for the last 6 years and orange before that. For me it was the suspension that sold me especially since I have had so many issues with the triple air fork I just want something I can dial then just go ride!. Good to here about the workmanship because God forbid the Japanese companies actually take a little pride in thier finish work. Very excited for this new adventure!!!! Congrats on the purchase. I too am coming from a 16 YZ250X and 17 250FX yamaha over to the Gasser. Had a 17 KTM and 17 Husky prior to the Yamahas. Just picked up an 18 XC300. Will be great to share information on setup and stuff with you new owners.
  8. I'm sea level on east coast in VA. Going to try the NECJ suzuki needle and also the N3CH and N3CJ.
  9. thanks for the info. I pick up an XC 300 Friday.
  10. Did you end up using a Suzuki needle or something else?
  11. Drop the main jet one size and try a one size smaller pilot jet. On my 16 i'm running a JD kit with the red needle and JD settings and it runs great at 44:1 oil/mix ratio. And as suggested check the float. Mine was off.
  12. What about retarding the timing just a touch?
  13. I had a 17 ktm 250xc and it was not as smooth as the X.
  14. I just looked and it’s an 80/100
  15. 90/100 for the starcross.