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  1. i want more power but im on a budget
  2. joe76

    more power

    6'1 ok 210
  3. joe76

    more power

    will i be able to feel a difference in the power i ordered the fmf pipe twin air filter and jets for my ttr125 i also had to replace my chain front sprocket spokes and tube
  4. joe76


    what jets do i need for my ttr125 im getting a fmf pipe and boring it 50 over and a twin air filter
  5. joe76

    ttr 125

    im 15 6,1 210
  6. joe76

    ttr 125

    i put a rm80 front forks and it all on my bike it was harder than crap i had to file on mt triple tree but how much power will a fmf pipe give me i aint got the money to get another brand ive only got a hundred and 180 dollars my mom is gonna get it for christmas and in january im gonna get my top end rebuilt and bored 50 over how much more power will that all give me i also put oneal handlebars and jets and airfilter on it
  7. joe76

    kentucky riders

    i live in somerset ky and i need someone to ride with and a place to ride
  8. i got a ttr and i need to know if the front end of of a rm 80 will fit on my bike and will the chain and sprockets work
  9. joe76

    ttr 125l

    will a jet kit and moose air filter help any
  10. lets chat about our bikes im in the first chat room
  11. joe76

    ttr 125

    any body know alot about this bike
  12. joe76

    ttr 125

    whats the best parts to tune it up
  13. joe76

    all ttr 125 owners

    does your bikes shut of idling back down and know any cheap mods for alot of power
  14. joe76

    looking for a place to ride

    i live in pulaski county kentucky if you know a place to ride tell me thanks
  15. joe76

    ttr 125l

    i need to know some cheap hop ups