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  1. Found some good info in this thread on relocating the key,
  2. With Cycra bark busters on my '17 KTM 500 EXC the key is really tough to get to. I'd really like to keep using the key. Does anyone have a fix for this issue?
  3. UMan

    Plastic Skid Plate

    I tried out the AXP Racing skid plate from Slavens. Looks beefy, but the installation is tough because the rear 'clips' fit extremely tight.
  4. Same here, 3Bros KTM in Costa Mesa says they expect the 500 EXC in Nov.
  5. Put this together using a tie down and a 5/16" quick link. The quick link fits good on my Chevy. Holds the tailgate up nicely against my bikes rear wheel. Ron
  6. UMan

    desert airplane crash sites

    There is a nice crash site in the Coso Range near Saline Valley Rd (Death Valley). Ron
  7. I've got the same jetting in my '09 530 EXC, but with the stock silencer (with a canister-ectomy). The jetting increased the power and throttle response, but I too doubt the videos claim on their HP increase. Ron
  8. UMan

    Divide Peak - Santa Barbara

    Fantastic views from up on the ridge above Santa Barbara!
  9. UMan

    Random Riding Photos - CA

    Warren Bench near Big Pine
  10. UMan

    Random Picture Thread Reloaded

    What's that?!
  11. UMan

    Carb Fuel Inlet O-ring Size?

    Thanks CRF Doc for the part #! Ron
  12. UMan

    Carb Fuel Inlet O-ring Size?

    Does anyone know what size replacement o-ring is needed for the FCR carb fuel inlet? Thanks, Ron
  13. UMan

    In need of shock absorber 2006 KLX110

    Try looking at http://planetminis.c...ize-parts-sale/, there are lots of KLX110 parts for sale there. Ron
  14. UMan

    LPNF question

    Piru Creek "bridge":
  15. A couple more from Tom white's collection: