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    dual sport riding/dirt riding/shooting/fly fishing/ice fishing

    Motocycle Mecahnics Institute?

    I did end up with a rewarding gig, though. The dealership that I was teching at changed hands and needed someone to run the parts department. Having an ex-tech in the parts department eliminates a lot of the "You sold me the wrong part!!" nonsense. Sometimes stuff works out...

    Motocycle Mecahnics Institute?

    Right on. I graduated from MMI in 1993. The money I spent I now consider wasted. An apprenticeship will teach you more and cost less. I've always heard the saying " If you make your hobby a job you'll never work a day in your life." I would amend that to read, "If you make your hobby a job you'll lose a hobby and gain a job."
  3. Hey, what happened to your avatar and GO CARDS tagline?? Oh, yeah......sorry.

    American or Foreign

    Next time you're at the Dodge dealership see if they have a piston for your truck in stock and if they do ask them if you can see it. Examine it closely and you will never refer to your truck's engine as a hemi again. Don't take this as an attack, I really like Chrysler's products, I just don't like the misuse of the term hemi. Oh yeah, I have a Jeep and a Toyota. The stock set of brake pads on my Toyota lasted 120,000 miles

    Which Harley?

    OK, then if you must know, the Road King is the least turd-like of the big bikes and they don't make the FXR or the Dyna Sport with the adjustable suspension so I guess I'd pick the Road King. If you had a gun to my head....

    Which Harley?

    Yes, I can say 160mph tapped out, but you can't. Ive been a H-d tech for five years and a motorcycle tech for about ten and I can unequivocally state that the only way your screamin eagle v-rod would go 160 is if you pushed it out the door of an airplane. Please don't believe your speedometer.

    Which Harley?

    One guy who bought a Road King at our dealership said, "I feel like Elvis when I ride my bike!!" I said, "Do you mean fat, bloated, dead and sitting on a toilet?"

    Which Harley?

    Remember the two happiest days in a Harley owner's lifetime: 1: the day he buys it 2: the day he sells it.

    what does a trail tech computer do?

    It sucks a bunch of cash out of your wallet by making you think you need a computer to accomplish waht you could do with a roll chart, an odometer and a watch.

    Dodge vs Ford

    I'm not much of a ford fan but fastmike hit the nail on the head with the 460/5 speed combo. My dad had one as a work truck for a few years and that s.o.b. was a beast. It would go the same speed with two full toolboxes, a welder, an oxy-acetylene torch and three Mexicans in it as would totally empty.

    Enough is enough

    You don't quit riding because you get old, you get old because you quit riding.

    Cheese Heads

    Hey Yamahaguy. I live in Horicon and work in West Bend. I, too, would be willing to contribute work hours or beer in exchange for a place to ride. Direct e-mail me if this is possible. Much appreciated. I'm respectful of other people's property and I ride extremely slow.
  13. I work at a Harley shop and ride a KLR650 and a KDX220. The crap i catch from some of these people is too funny. All of them say "I've been riding for 25 years." but then they drag their feet on the way out to the street, like they're going to stand that 850 pound behemoth back up if it starts to fall.

    the FASTEST quad??

    What's The Fastest Quad? That's Like Asking Who's The Finest Ballerina In All Of Idaho?

    What do you do?

    Go to your local Army surplus store and see if they have the little single use bung wipe that comes in the MRE's. Takes up about as much space as a book of matches and handles all but the messiest ass-bombs. If you're a really hairy guy bring two, that's gotta be like getting peanut butter out of shag carpeting. Late