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  1. stlavsa

    New top end at 54 hours- good investment or waste of money?

    Sorry about that. I looked to see if you checked them, but some how I missed that. A hair on the loose side? Typically they would tighten up if the thing has seen a lot of RPMs. Then you shim them back to the right clearance. If they are loose, i dont think that would indicate previous hard use. Just some anecdotal advice from me: (you know what free advice is worth) I have a 2007 KX450f (Hard trail and MX use). They had the notorious pin galling issue, everyone was ripping out the pistons and replacing with Wiseco at 25-50 hours. I think I got around to taking care of mine at 100 hours. It had slight galling on the pin, but it couldve made it plenty longer. Everyone was replacing with Wiseco, including myself. I've since had the wiseco in the bike, for probably another 100 hrs, not changing it anytime soon. In fact, I'll never change it, i'll just get a new bike before i bother.
  2. stlavsa

    New top end at 54 hours- good investment or waste of money?

    I personally think your going about this out of order. You're talking about HC pistons but you haven't mentioned even checking the valves yet. That should be the first step. To me the condition of the valves and their clearances can be a good indicator of how the bike was ridden. If they are still in spec, I would say the bike was maintained and ridden OK, but if they are way out of whack then MAYBE i would start to consider putting a new piston in.
  3. stlavsa

    Who is in for Vegas? Tyler Bowers, JS7, is RV?

    ANDDDD if I duno if any has looked but forecast is BRUTAL for the entire weekend. Highs in the upper 90s. I was planning on spending all day at Sam Boyd but might be at the pool for a while and show up for the night show
  4. stlavsa

    Who is in for Vegas? Tyler Bowers, JS7, is RV?

    All I know is Vegas is the one race thats been in the Monster Energy Commercials every week during the race coverage. They dont do that for daytona or anywhere else. Vegas is the most hyped race.
  5. stlavsa

    JS7 on Vacation?

    Its vegas of course hes going to show up, wouldnt you?
  6. stlavsa

    Who is in for Vegas? Tyler Bowers, JS7, is RV?

    hell ya you guys got me pumped back up for it again..Leaving tomorrow!.
  7. stlavsa

    Who is in for Vegas? Tyler Bowers, JS7, is RV?

    Yep thats very true. Back when I booked the tix though it was the beginning of the season, reed was still in it, roczen was winning. Then soon after i booked stewart went on a tear, and it seemed it may actually come down to the Vegas, BUT even then woulda been almost a certainty for RV
  8. stlavsa

    JS7 on Vacation?

    which round was it that he quit? first one? 3rd one? I cant remember and too lazy to look it up above post was for you sorry
  9. stlavsa

    JS7 on Vacation?

    Maybe if he hadnt quit the in the 2nd race of the season things woulda been different. That turned out to be a huge mistake, and that seemed like one of his hissy fits.
  10. stlavsa

    Who is in for Vegas? Tyler Bowers, JS7, is RV?

    I hear ya but im still going bought my tickets and flight a long time ago... Shitty its all wrapped up but thats the risk you take.
  11. stlavsa

    JS7 on Vacation?

    Hes racing, I'm glad. Coming to Vegas from Pittsburgh and I want to see a good race.
  12. Thanks a lot. It seems the kx and the crf 450s have similar setups. After making this post I started doing more research and I was reading a lot of people saying that the exp 3.0 wont work well with the crf and the kx specifically and that they are much better off with the exp core 3.0. You are running just the ring right? Not the entire core setup? And it has worked well for you? Is there a lot of increased maintenance and adjustment? I dont want to be dicking around with it everytime i ride. Seems like if you have ran them for hundreds of hours and repeatedly purchased the rings, you are satisfied with the product? And thanks for the break in tips