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  1. Katoom119

    06 525 exc nos.

    Dude if you're going to be ragging on people you need to at least learn how to spell. It's not "wright" it would be "write" in this instance. It's sad when one of the only reasons I check this website is to see how big of an idiot you've made of yourself today. And yes I realize that you will probably reply to this post and say I'm a crybaby and put up some little smiley like you have in every other post but I promise you I won't lose any sleep over it tonight. I find it appalling that IF you did decide to put nitrous oxide on a KTM (I was unaware that any kit was ever even made) that you would be enough of a lowlife to convince KTM that it was their problem and make them give you a new one. Apparently you are not worried about honor or integrity as it appears you have none of either. Now unless you're going to post something worthwhile, even a picture of your nitrous system, may I recommend that you stop wasting everyone's time and quit acting like a nine-year old that didn't get what they wanted.
  2. Katoom119

    New To KTM - Need to break it in

    The key to breaking in a bike is to get the engine to go through multiple heat cycles. This allows the piston rings to expand/contract. Take the bike out and just get the engine good and hot, nothing over 3/4 though, then let it air cool completely. Do it again. It's ok to rev it out a time or two just don't let it sit there forever. After 4 or 5 good heat cycles I'd consider it done. Change the oil, oil filters, and make sure you clean the oil screen on the bottom of the engine (dab oil/anti-seize on the threads as this will have to come out again) and you're ready to go. I took my 525 motard straight from the dealer to Deal's Gap and by the end of the day I was hammering it as hard as I could, she's still running strong. KTM engine's are pretty much bullet proof as long as you keep good oil in them. FULL-SYNTHETIC ONLY
  3. Katoom119

    200 vs 250

    If you've just come off of something like a 125 where you had to keep it wound up then I would lean more towards the 200. Yes it has a little more grunt than a 125 but it still needs to be wound up just a bit. However, if you're like me and don't ever wind it out get the 250. I raced in a lot of snotty mud and you can short-shift/lug the 250 a little bit better.
  4. Katoom119

    New to SuperMoto

    There aren't any specific supermoto schools yet but a few of us had dinner with Aaron Stevenson and his Cornerspeed crew and they are trying to get one started up.
  5. Katoom119

    TP Double back-flip video!

    You've got to give him credit, he'll try anything.