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  1. Rob250mx

    Scared to try double

    The dumbest advice that anyone could pass on... joking or not consuming Alcohol has NO PLACE ON ANY MX TRACK!!!
  2. Rob250mx

    Tooele County Complex Budget Cuts Ouch

    UPDATE: when out the Deseret peak today and they ARE MOVING THE DIRT AROUND.. I watched for a couple of hours as a Bulldozer..Excavator and Bucket Loader moved dirt and start forming some of the jumps... Im excited... cant wait for this place to open. RS
  3. Rob250mx

    Utah MX RACE

    Im looking for an MX race to enter into over Memorial day weekend... any help would be appreciated... Thanks Rob
  4. Rob250mx

    Tooele County Complex Budget Cuts Ouch

    Good news... I am here in Tooele for work and like many of you, I wanted a track close to where I live. I done some research and on the Deseret Peak complex page I found a POC (LYN) so I called him up... I explained that I was an MX rider and was wondering whats going on with the track. I was told by Lyn that he has drawn up a contract with the City to Lease the track, he has a financial backer who is willing to put up the money for the lease. I am excited...I told lyn that i would even volunteer my time to prep the track in exchange for track time... he thought it was fair...this conversation took place about 2 weeks ago...so in the comming days this track will be comming to life again... Weee!!!! If you guys know of any other tracks that are good for practice.. please send my a message.. Ill meet anyone anywhere in utah to ride... Im not fast but i am dependable... Hope this helps... Rob
  5. Rob250mx

    05 CRF250R Throttle Adjustment

    Nope Im serious I dont know how to adjust it...Thanks for the heads up.
  6. Rob250mx

    04' wont start when its cold

    If you guys are having a hard time starting the 250F check your lube...its too cold and the lube is 2 thick. You kick the piss out of her and she finally starts due to the friction on the oil being kicked over so much, its warmed up enough to pump...the 250F has the spray pump and by design the bike wont start if she is too cold due to lack of lube..its a safety feat.
  7. Rob250mx

    '06 Crf 250f No Bog

    Easier Mod than that...instead of the standard 40mm Carb on the 06, swap it out with the 05s 37mm carb...watch the kitty get unleashed.
  8. Rob250mx

    05 CRF250R Throttle Adjustment

    ALL Can someone tell me the correct way to adjust the throttle cable? I just replaced my throttle tube and I have some free play in the throttle. Pictures would be great. Thanks
  9. Rob250mx

    05 CRF250R Throttle Adjustment

    ALL Can someone tell me the correct way to adjust the throttle cable? I just replaced my throttle trube and I have some free play in the throttle. Pictures would be great. Thanks
  10. Rob250mx

    hard trottle

    "05-30-2006, 11:08 AM FmFRacer TT Newbie Join Date: Dec 2005 Location: Texas Posts: 5 Re: hard trottle dude take it apart put grease all over the bars and inside the tube and it will be perfect i just did it yesterday and made all the diffrence in the world dont waste your money on some spring Last edited by FmFRacer : 05-30-2006 at 11:08 AM. Reason: messed up signature " TO: FmFRacer, ALL If you take apart the throttle and "grease all over the bars" you better hope you never dump your bike, ride in muddy conditions, or get your throttle WET due to rain or otherwise. GREASE attracts dust and sand and makes the throttle hard as hell to operate. Hince when you race/ride in muddy conditions, you use a GREASE based lube to coat your chain to help protect the links and repel grit from coating the chain. but if you race/ride in dirty/ dusty conditions. You would want an oil based chain lube to coat your chain and it also helps makes chain cleaning easier. I hope you dont live in AZ (where I currently live) where today the temp was about 108F, TEXAS has simular weather, (I know as I am from Fort Worth), that makes for a nasty mess on your throttle side of the bike if it is out in the sun for too long. I know what you are thinking.." Why the F### would your bike be in the sun, not in the trailer???" The answer is simple, most people cant afford a trailer but have a truck so they improvise. This indroduces your throttle to the outside air temp. Also, Hope you dont live where the temp is OMG freakin cold like Maryland, PA, North Dakota, Montana, Washington state too name a few as the grease will tend to "FREEZE" as it is water petroleum based making the throttle Harder to operate. The better solution is to completely clean your throttle tube and clean off your bar with a spray like Simple Green to get all the grit and gunk off the bars and out of the tube. ( I use a baby bottle scrubber for my throttle tube maintenance and it works awesome) and then use a hair dryer or towel to completely dry the tube, Use an old, clean rag to clean the bar, using a razor blade to scrape off any left over gunk off. Dry surface on Dry surface attracts less dirt and grit than Grease on grease. You wont need to worry about weather conditions any place affecting your throttle responsiveness either.
  11. ALL I have an 05 thumper..... I have dumped it a few times and now my throttle sticks, "throttle sleeve"( for lack of not knowing what this piece is) cracked in a few spots. I was replacing the grips with the NEW PROGRIPS( I love them) when I noticed my issue. What is the easiest way to take the 2 throttle cables off the thumper so I can replace my throttle sleeve and clean the built up junk off my bars?
  12. Rob250mx

    05 CRF250R tranny oil question

    HiTech Took your advise, loaded upthe bike with new oil, filter and tranny oil, the only thing i had to do was after filling her up, was to let her idle, get warm, kill it, undo the check valve screw and bleed off the excess oil. after that she ran like a champ. Monkeymotocross: word of advise in plain english....Stay off the crack pipe...crack kills.... seriously, I had no idea what you said man...
  13. Rob250mx

    05 CRF250R tranny oil question

    All I have the 05 CRF250R, Im wondering if it is ok to run Castrol grand prix 4 stroke oil grade 70 for both engine oil and tranny oil? thanks Rob