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  1. Headshake was never a problem on my KX with the RG3 clamps.
  2. I had them on my 06 KX and they worked great. I would use them again for sure. With the linkage and the clamps it really improved the handling.
  3. Not sure where in Cali you are but I go direct to Sudco International for my carb parts. Try them they should be able to get you what you need.
  4. Im not sure what jets you should run but in with my experience it was leaner than stock settings. I posted my jetting specs above, but for me it was trial and error. Good luck to you.
  5. I am running hot cams stage 2. Main jet is a 160. Pilot is 45. I am running at sea level. I remember I had to go leaner on the main jet. Stock I was running a 175 main. Hope this helps.
  6. Athena big bore and stage 2 hot cams worked real good for me.
  7. Can someone please confirm if fork seals from an 06 YZ450f will fit the 09 Honda CRF 450?
  8. Thank you Frezno
  9. Anyone know if the shock seal from a 06 CRF250 will work on my 06 KX250F shock.
  10. Anyone know torque specs for disc bolts on a talon hub. The stock honda hubs use a bolt with a lock nut and the talon hub is just a bolt.
  11. Yes it does work. Keeps the bike more stable on bumpy straights and whoops.
  12. It is pretty pricey the first time around. But you can opt for the one time fee for $40 to just get in without a membership. Then if you like the track then its an extra $20 to become a member. Or something like that. You could also try Perris. I have heard its pretty good but have yet to go since Rick Johnson and Tortelli bought it.
  13. Quads are only on Sat. Friday you should be quad free.
  14. Go to Milestone Motocross Park.
  15. Yes I also use CRF fork seals on mine. Thats cuz the shop I go to has those in stock all the time.