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  1. thumper4fun

    661 Core-Cooler * Anyone tried it?

    My son and I both use one in the Alabama heat and humidity. I can tell a big difference with it on. We've been using them for about 3 yrs now. Still works fine. I don't like to wear it directly against my skin so I have an UnderAmour shirt under it and my jersey on top. Just soak it in a cooler of half ice and half water overnight and you are good to go all day. $22 is a steal, I paid $50 each for mine 3 yrs ago.
  2. What kind of budget are you working with? Used bikes are going cheap (or at least cheaper) these days so pick out a good 2-smoke that fits your budget and give it a go. Since you have a MX background you may be more comfortable on a MX bike in the woods and this may be the least expensive way to go. However if you shop around you can find KTM 250/300s with all the goodies and ready to race going for a reasonable prices.
  3. thumper4fun

    What do you think

    I think the 144 with a light capable rider should be able to hang with most anything on your track. It will be the same height as the 200 but is a moto specific bike. However, if you have your heart set on more cc's the 200 XC could be made into an excellent moto bike. With proper tuning, power valve setup & suspension set up it would be a real performer on the track. You didn’t say if you plan to buy new or used. If you're looking to find a good used bike then you may be better off looking for a 200 XC. There seems to be better availability for the 200 XC and the pricing is unusually more palatable for these bikes due to the more abundant supply in the used market. If I were in your shoes I would find a good used ’08 200 XC at a decent price. Get the suspension re-valved, sprung for your weight and riding style and also have it lowered to fit you better. A low set is also available, in fact my son has one on his 200, and it will reduce the set height about an 1". And if you want a 19” rear wheel you should be able to find someone willing to trade you for the 18” rear that comes on the XC fairly easy.
  4. thumper4fun

    Lets See Some Ktm's!!!

    Chazmanian, that's a sweet looking 300 & the 525 you had was killer too. The new KTMs look great but I'm going to keep my '07 a little longer. I hate setting up and getting used to a new bike. It's a good thing you bought your 200 from SOS before I found it. At that price I would have brought it home in a heartbeat. My son loves his...don't tell him but I like riding it too when he's not looking.
  5. thumper4fun

    Lets See Some Ktm's!!!

    Here's my bike (black 300) and my son's (white 200).
  6. I stand on all down hills regardless, but part of that is because of the time I've spent on a trials bike. I'm just much more comfortable standing on all down hills and up hills as well. However, I have a riding buddy that rides at my pace and I noticed when I follow him he's on the seat a lot on all types of down hill. I guess it's just a matter of which you are most comfortable with.
  7. thumper4fun

    Ormond Farms Hare Scramble - HD video

    Great video. Looks like an awsome ride.
  8. You may think I'm biased since I own one but the KTM 300 XCW is the best woods bike I have every ridden and I have had numerous bikes over the years. I'm not a racer but I like to rip it up with my ridding buddies and I also enjoy trail rides with my 14 yr old son and his friends. The 300 is the most versatile bike as far as I'm concerned. You can turn the wick up and let it rip or ride it a gear high and lug it around. It is light and nimble which allows me to ride it all day in all conditions on all types of terrain. Very low maintenance requirements, basically just clean the filter, gas and go. I change the trans fluid every two rides. Overall it is just a great off-road bike.
  9. thumper4fun

    Should I trade my 200EXC for a KLX300?

    Can’t tell you whether you should trade or not…that is more of a personal decision. However, I would recommend you spend a little time dialing in your jetting and suspension before you make your decision one way or the other. In my opinion the 200 has several advantages over the KLX300 if you get the 200 dialed in. If you can’t get the 200 set up the way you like it in the woods and feel more comfortable on the KLX300 by all means make the trade. The important thing is to be comfortable and confident on the bike you are riding so you can enjoy your time on it as much as possible. To me it’s all about the fun factor regardless of what brand bike you are riding. I can tell you that my 13 yr old son rides an ’04 200 with the Langston mod, proper jetting and the suspension set up for his weight and riding style and it is perfect for him in regards to weight, handling, power delivery, etc.
  10. thumper4fun

    Throttle control

    One other thing to check is your throttle cable play. If you don't have sufficient play in your throttle it will be too sensitive and you inadvertently apply throttle on bumps, jumps, up hills, down hills, etc. Mark where your throttle cable adjustment is now then turn the adjuster in which gives more play and see if that helps. Also, check your throttle cable routing and make sure its not getting in a bind when you turn your bars or your suspension is going through the stroke. I have seen too little throttle play or throttle cable bind cause the exact conditions you are experiencing on numerous occasions.
  11. thumper4fun

    Ultimate Hare Scramble Bike

    For harescrables my perfect bike would be a KTM 250xc. I would have the bike and suspension set up for my size and weight and add the normal protection items i.e. skid plate, bark busters, pipe guard, etc. Add a rekluse pro auto clutch, jet the bike and select tires based on terrain and conditions. You would have a light, fast, good handling and competitive bike that would be a blast to race.
  12. thumper4fun

    Your latest crash?

    Wow bro, may be time to look for a new hobby. You won't be able to comb your hair in a few years...if you live that long.
  13. thumper4fun

    Your latest crash?

    Memorial Day weekend, close encounter with a tree on a down hill and went over the bars and landed on a bowling ball size rock. Fractured rib on the back side, tweaked my shoulder, pulled a hamstring and bruised my ego. The hardest part was picking up my bike, riding it out and loading it in my truck.
  14. thumper4fun

    If you had a $1,000,000

    What would I do with a million bucks? First I would pay off my house, then put some money in my kids college fund and save the rest. I will need the extra savings to pay my taxes after Obama is elected. The way I figure it if he is elected for every dollar I earn I will owe 2 dollars in taxes.