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  1. wchristie

    Price on power-up kits

    the slipon takes about 5-minutes, 1 for the 02 sensor bolt, and a couple to find and cap the plug from the 02 sensor on the wiring harness. as far as the mapping, nothing had to be done to mine and it hits like a maniac. sound wise - close to the old can with the spark arestor removed, only slightly louder, doesn't appear to have a screen.
  2. wchristie

    08 TE510 race kit and shadetree heatshield

    not noticably, the sparkarestor was removed from the old can so they seem close to me
  3. wchristie

    08 TE510 race kit and shadetree heatshield

    the bike came from Upstate Cycle in greenville, sc, a really experienced husky dealer, kit from same place, he only got 2 or 3 08's and one kit so far. the kit came in a couple weeks after the bikes. the kit makes the bike breath really well, i swear it hit's like a 2-stroke only smoother and begins lower. it's a different bike now, it feels like it's running the way it was designed to run. it's totally an angry beast now. give Gerald or Mike (parts) a call at upstate and see if he knows when more are coming in.
  4. wchristie

    08 TE510 race kit and shadetree heatshield

    the kit comes witht the new pipe end which is much lighter, a bolt to cork-off the 02 sensor, and an electrical plug to plug into the wiring harness where the 02 sensor's wires gets disconnected from. I'm not sure what does the remapping but there is no chip to install. It's either in the terminator plug itself or the new circuit that the terminator creates which causes the mapping to change somewhere else. thanks for the comment on the heat shield, sems to work very well, complete with pre-applied heat wrap on the back.
  5. the race kit is well worth the money, hits hard and clean throughtout the range, UNLEASH THE BEAST! (if you need a quick heatshield, trim one from the old cans heatshield)
  6. wchristie

    Your Best Husqvarna Photo for 2008!

    the race kit is well worth the money, hits hard and clean throughtout the range, UNLEASH THE BEAST! (if you need a quick heatshield, trim one from the old cans heatsheild)
  7. wchristie

    08 TXC/TE - Battery/Seat problem

    thank you for making us aware of this. ride safe/ride fast. 08TE510
  8. wchristie

    just got the 08 TE510

    does the pipe in the race kit tuck in better, or present a smaller hot spot?
  9. wchristie

    just got the 08 TE510

    only second ride today, It did well cruising, 55-60 is very comfortable, a moderate amount of viberations, not enough to numb, i did keep trying to get another gear on the road. I would think 70 would be the upper comfort limit with a lot of buzz. still taking it easy.
  10. wchristie

    just got the 08 TE510

    with that much torque, you'd just spin knobbies on the street with any strong throttle, you should see the fresh Pirelli knobby that came off the rear, only 4-days old (was at the dealer) and it's trashed if you like sharp edges on you knobbies.
  11. wchristie

    just got the 08 TE510

    it's a bit more dirty today very sweet, many nice treats - radiator fan, adjustable steering stops, fat bats, plush suspension, very stable handeling, still working out some minor hesitation off the bottom with the FI, tons of room to go forward and back, narrow, light, front raises naturally in 1st rolling it on, I'm 40/60 on/off road went with a King 966 5.10 on the rear and a Continential TKC80 90/90 on the front. The King is performing real well, a lot of meat, probably not a mud tire. It may be the rear tire, but this thing slides so smoothly, especially entering sweeping corners fast, idles strangly down low, seems to hang-on to a higher idle as the RPMs come down, then settles to a normal idle. Can't say enough my dealer - Upstate Cycle, Greenville, SC, highly recommend these folks. They only got in a TE450 and a TE510 last week. He delivered it two hours to get it to me half way. I've been waiting 5 months, it's a killer bike. more info: the pipe is extremely close to the airbox, dealer dressed the box with thick heat tape, I can't really grip the bike tight-in when on the pegs and leaning a little back, the pipe will scorch your calf, I hope the 'race kit' pipe tucks in better everywhere. more info2: I'm an idiot, the idle is fine, I had the idle screw and bottom-end air screw reversed.
  12. wchristie

    TXC..Who to buy one from next month?

    Here's another vote for Gerald at Upstate Cycle 864.232.7223 (Greenville, SC), my first purchase was in 2006 for a 06 SMR510, he gave me a very good deal, prep-ed, and rocked out the door. Going back for an 08 TE510. He treats his customers like family and gives very square, honest deals. He does deliver for a reasonable price (partial distance?). It was a 700-mile RT for me. Ships parts as well. Bill ex-06SMR510 soon to be-08TE510 Nashville
  13. wchristie

    armored rear blinkers, testing

    re the passenger pegs, I installed them in case I run into the swedish bikini team needing a ride, I'm still looking...
  14. wchristie

    armored rear blinkers, testing

    I've only seen them in aluminum and grey plastic housings, easy to paint. They seem bullet-proof to me.
  15. wchristie

    armored rear blinkers, testing

    re side facing, they are well seen from the rear of the bike, i have the bulb on the inside, pointing to the rear. re the plate, no trouble yet, though if you ever flip the bike, it's like a machete back there, i folded the lower corners in.