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  1. dingo 213

    2016 Yamaha YZ250F engine failure new bike

    plug in to the ecu shows real hours,,,55 hours on our 2016 liven on the limiter still strong as
  2. dingo 213

    shock oil capacity

    its more of a process that an oil level. 1 fill shock with oil in both sides put in bladder oil should spill out. sucure blader with c clip and pump up with air to 40psi. then put in shock shaft and bleed, when blead release air from bladder sucure shock shaft in place with c clip refil bladder with nitrogen to 140psi. no oil level required if you dont have nitrogen you can use argon other wise take shock to shop to rebuild shouldnt be to dear may be $120 plus any parts if required
  3. dingo 213

    kx65 base gasket

    thanx matt sort of info i was looking for tar:thumbsup:
  4. dingo 213

    kx65 base gasket

    just got new 08 65 thinking of replacing the base gasket with a thinner one. what are the pros and cons of this? moose do a 012" gasket can you go lower than this say 010 "squish would be at about 5.5 to 6 mm then any doing this looking for better bottom to mid tar
  5. dingo 213

    2007 crf250's

    dont worry about a pic give us a race report. are they better than the 06??? if so why???
  6. dingo 213

    head gaskets

    has any one tryed running an 04 head gasket on a 06 the 04 gasket is only 2 layer and thinner than the 3 layer 06 gasket poor man high comp trick.will this work
  7. dingo 213

    hard trottle

    put a wirz ali throttle tube on has teflon bushing on one end and roller bearing on other problem fixed
  8. dingo 213

    06 valves

    does any one know are the inlet valves on the 06 the same as the o4-o5 acording to the manuel the valve stem is the same size i thought they had changed? has any one measured one . i have left over valves from 05 and now own 06 wondering if i keep them or sell them please let me know
  9. dingo 213

    04 vs 06

    thanx guys will go get 06 today was just a little unshure as 04 was an awesome bike always a little concered about the unknown
  10. dingo 213

    04 vs 06

    thinking of getting new 06 crf 250 i have an 04 with 250hrs great bike had the odd valve issue. are the 06 that much better?? any one have an o6 with 60plus hours yet how are the valves holding up on the 06 they tell me the horse power is a little down but still an awesome bike any comments would help tar
  11. dingo 213

    new '05 or '06?

    ha trottle jockey only 112 hrs the thing is only just run in lol i have a 04 with 180hrs running primo just a few minor repairs mined you would love a new one but these are so cheap to rebuild