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  1. looking for a blown up 50 or a stock 50 roller to build up a bike for my son.. i dont want a clone honda 50's.. if you got anything or know of anything email me joeldengler@comcast.net
  2. I heard a broken femure and a torn artery
  3. Dale and his core group of workers have been around the enduro and hs scene for many years. The have been involved with local and national enduros, local and national HS (i think these guys were the original hs guys in the nj area) they have hosted the GNCC series.. A couple of the guys have traveled with me and many other pro racers to many GNCC's and other national events.. They know what the other series do and how they are run.. I think they have tried to take something from each and use what they have learned over the years to make the AGP's.. With the support of the racers they can be sucsessfull..
  4. Its funny that they say the land needs to be returned to it's original state.. I started riding there when i was 7 almost 30yrs ago. It was a gravel pit then that was a free for all, mud trucks, buggies, motorcycles, any thing offroad. It's not like the ORV park just cut out all the trails and tracks.. Why does this state not see the need for legal places to take your kids and family to ride your offroad bikes and atvs..
  5. Lets hope we have some rain before the next one..
  6. Thanks.. No im done racing for now..
  7. Im looking to sell my Classic Honda 124SE motor, used it in 2006 at 6 races, been sitting on my bench since.. I am no longer racing pit bikes and dont need a motor like that sitting in my garage.. If you are interested in it e-mail me.. joeldengler@comcast.net It is at a local shop now for sale and they are asking $2200 or best offer.. I know what i got, so dont waste my time if your not serious..
  8. Start around 10-12 on compresion, and 12-14 on rebound.. Go by feel..
  9. I dont have the pic, but there is a 8mm nut with a philips head screw on the left side of the carb.. Loosen the nut and turn the screw in..
  10. 07 cr 250 with ims tank
  11. Supercross

    What are you like 13 yrs old dude.. Thats one of the most childish things to say.. If you dont like TP fine but to wish ill will on someone you dont even know, is total crap.. I bet you would never have the sack to say boo to prestons face, just like you probably wont post your real name and just hide behind you fake screen name.. Joel Dengler
  12. Supercross

    Put yourself in prestons boots.. Stewart is lucky thats all that travis did.. You probably don't have any idea what it takes to be at that level. Do you even race or ride?
  13. Endurocross

    The whole time Taddy was behind him the KTM guys were waving to Taddy too slow down.. They deffinitly wanted DK to win ove TB, but i think Taddy did the right thing.. Race his own race.. Good for him, Boo Knighter for being a cry baby and launching the bike..
  14. Sigety was on the gas this weekend.. I had a hard time catching him.. Then when he would pull over for me, i think he hit the after burners.
  15. I heard this weekend at the national, that the guy who "almost" beat Lafferty, was using some very good lines.. If you know what im saying... A guy i know who is a good A rider was riding a few minutes ahead of the guy, and said a bunch of time this guy came from nowhere off the trail and was using some interesting "new lines"..