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  1. I use www.flickr.com Once you have an account which is free to do, you upload your pictures. After they are uploaded this site will provide you with a URL link to your picture. Then create a post on TT, click the "Insert Image" button and paste in the URL that is provided by flickr. I hope that helps.
  2. Hey all! I've had mine for a year now and I'm still loving it!! I spent most of the summer on my new SM setup. I was lucky enough to get out in the mud a few times too!
  3. Already sold sorry.
  4. Yes it's a sticker which pulls off easily.
  5. Sure thing dude! Copy away!
  6. Thanks! It's EBC's 320mm kit. I'm using EBC HH sintered pads, the stopping power is awesome!
  7. I know, I've already adjusted.
  8. Hi, Well I've finally finished my S to SM conversion (for now..) This is what the bike looked like when I got it HERE This is what it looked like after I made her a little darker HERE And here she is now in SM gear! HERE She loves Daddy's bike!
  9. I also thought that sintered pads were only for track use too. Am I off on this?
  10. Hi, I just got the EBC 320mm front brake kit shown HERE What pads should I ask for at my local stealer? Another thing, the box that containing the rotor clearly says "Not for highway use!" Is this really true? I've seen many people using this rotor. Thanks!
  11. ok thanks!!!
  12. Hi, If I have her in 4th or 5th and going too slow and give her gas, (I know I should shift down) I hear a knocking noise? Any ideas what it could be from?
  13. No longer a problem. I called ECW and they are going to swap out my front RAD hub with the one that has the speed drive. They're finally doing me right!
  14. Right on! I'm hoping the same! I just have a problem with wanting something different every two years...