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  1. Nomad 09

    O/T: so what do the Drz'ers drive?

    This is the only thing I've driven for the last 10 months. Its a government "loaner", but it table-tops much easier than a DRZ. Its a stripped down model, but I havn't been hassled by the authorities for flying down the roads yet. BTW; Anybody know a good way to scout potential riding trails?
  2. Nomad 09

    DRZ jetting database?

    Thanks. Thats exactly what I was lookin for. I'll use that as my baseline and go from there. Wish I could be more specific but I've never even seen the "E" in person yet. Purchased sight-unseen on Ebay for $1499. Rumor has it it runs like a scalded cat though. I look forward to keeping everyone updated on the buildup.
  3. Hello TT'ers. Long time reader, first time poster. I'm looking for the "jetting database". The search yields the datadase submitted by members, but I was searching for Burneds' baseline recommendations based on machine and pressure altitude. Does such a mythical creature exist? If anyone could help redirect this noob, I would much appreciate it. If not, heres my situation: 2 machines, 1 location My bike, 2000 DRZ 400E FCR 39, White Bros pipe and silencer, otherwise stock. Wifes bike, 2001 DRZ 400S Bone stock (engine wise), still has that "new bike" smell. Location, Colorado Springs, CO. 5500' PA, with excursions to 8500-10K. Looking to establish a baseline in order to minimize tweaking and maximize riding when I return in the spring.